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Boutique in a tipper truck

Boutique in a tipper truck
Boutique in a tipper truck

At a time when the job market is fast becoming saturated and unemployment is wrecking havoc with young people’s lives, two graduates have decided to look beyond their qualifications to make ends meet.

A Master’s Degree in Sciences holder, 33 -year -old Gwadamiraishe Chiwungwa of Kasane has dumped her career as a logistics manager in CapeTown and partnered with Lerayang Lira Batsholelwang, 26 to set up a clothing boutique in Shakawe last year.

“ We started under a Mochaba tree selling fashionable and stylish clothes to villagers, Chiwungwa says.

The business boomed and the two women acquired an old and rusty tipper truck, which they spruced up so that it can be spotted easily even from afar.

Fast forward to now, their business has expanded to Maun where it is run from that striking container spotted easily because of its uniqueness in the New Mall with a chalk board written ‘Le Angie Fashion Mart’ in bold letters on the side of it.

Inside the truck there’s an array of children, women and men’s trendy shoes, clothes, sunglasses, hats, toys, hanging on the sides.

Boutique in a tipper truck
Boutique in a tipper truck

“We sell unique merchandise. If we realise that there is a shop that sells the same stock as ours we put up stuff for sale and clear it off as fast as we can”, said the determined Chiwungwa.

She says theirs is a tough business as they spend sleepless nights searching for unique and trendy products to order online so that they can maintain their competitive edge.

However in the end all the hard work pays as they attend to an average of 10 customers a day, a figure which can easily, especially during peak days, which are normally from the 16th of every month up to the end of the month.

“People love our collecti on and we are also proud and determined to provide the best. This is our time to work; we will relax later on in life. I would urge other youth to wake up and smell the coffee and stop limiting themselves when it comes to making money,” the ambitious young woman enthused.

Meanwhile Batsholelwang, an ICT graduate explained how they are driven by their strong belief in their vision to pursue their goals with relentless passion.

“Having a business partner is helpful because we share and balance the workload, and support each other as we navigate both work challenges and personal priorities,” Batsholelwang noted.