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Botswana invited US troops over Zimbabwe attack fears


Botswana invited the United States to send troops to guard a transmission station used by the Voice of America’s Studio 7 to broadcast into Zimbabwe, leaked diplomatic cables show.


Zimbabwe’s neighbour was concerned by rising rhetoric against the radio station which is funded by the United States government and broadcasts from Washington through medium and shortwave.
The then Defence, Justice and Security Minister Ramadeluka Seretse is said to have made the extraordinary request in July 2008 over concerns that Zimbabwe would try to take out the controversial transmitters operated by the International Broadcasting Bureau, a US government agency.

Philip R. Drouin, the Chargé d’Affaires at the US embassy in Botswana at the time, said Botswana’s invitation of US troops to be stationed on its soil provided “extensive background on President (Ian) Khama’s strategic thinking, decision-making style, his views of and inclinations towards the United States”.

But as the embassy warned in other dispatches following another Botswana request for arms of war in preparation for a feared invasion by Zimbabwe, it cautioned Washington against granting the request.
Seretse, who resigned in 2010, revealed that Botswana had “placed small numbers of troops at the VOA facilities to provide 24-hour security in the form of roving patrols”, but warned that “if the BDF were to become over-extended due to the Zimbabwe situation, the BDF might no longer be able to provide the troops”.
Other leaked diplomatic cables show that at around the same time, Botswana asked the United States to supply various military equipment, fearing an imminent military assault by Zimbabwe.


  1. I read of this issue on the NEWZIMBABWE newspaper site.there is a concern that neighbouring states r able to access information about our country and the way it operates but the nationals(BONAFIDES) r deniyed that stuff…what`s there in this kind of behavour that our government is trying to hide from us…but prefer to give it to strangers who want nothing but to deprive us of our rightful properties…well this manner also give those like malema to start badmouthing other governments for no apparent good cause!!!

  2. our good -4-nothing,weak security and the inteligency agencies that are crowded around the city r just like lazzy dogs doing nothing at all about the situations affecting confidential information but would rather wagg their tails and brag around the country singing “I` LISENCED TO KILL”…to kill who…your brothers and sisters? shame, I`M OUT OF HERE 4 NOW!!!

  3. And hey, this country`s army is far much betta than those Zims,they know nothing better but to dig stumps from our farms…no one can dispute that.DIS,COD oh imean CID and the M.I it`s tym you KEEP your EYES and EARS OPENNNN!!!

  4. and mind you,wheather or not we invite americans to our soils,its none of their business.Americans do great as tourists.Besides these complaints they keep uttering show they got no stamina to keep up with us hence proving them week and hopeless!!!!! Guyz lets talk of the economic issues affecting our country next tym…things like NEOLIBERALISM and NEOCLASSICAL ECONOMIX rather than these ZIMBABWEANS!

  5. Zimbabweans need to get rid of their ageing brute so that they can reclaim their country rather than make noise about us. If it was not for the concern about that mad man in office in Harare, there wouldn’t have been this concern. However, if he had made the mistake of attacking us, it would have been a moment for the liberation of Zimbabwe by taking him on and out! War is not won in numbers but sophistication and modern armor they just dream of!

  6. I realy hate this wiki – leaki nonsense, what ever they call it. Governments need secrets for the protection of their citizens.

  7. Zim is crushing down to the last bit but its people r not willing to rescue themselves, they`d rather prefer sticking their noses where they don`t fit…stay the hell awy from our affairs MUGABE & your people or face the wrath of our mighty army!!!

  8. Botswana as a souvereign state must tighten its security for anything that can happen. All is not well in Zim and extremists there are doing eveything possible to defend the situation. Thats africanism. They will only believe that there is something wrong while the situation is out of control(civil war). Our president has spoken and they see him as their enemy. thats foolish. When you are asked to set your things in order and you start thinking like that then there is something wrong with you. The remaining question is that ‘what has forced many zimbabwean out of their country? What has happened to the economy of that country? Surely there is something wrong there. Today they do not even use there currency(zim dollars).They use foreign currency and claim that all is well.

  9. wat?is dat Chimp mal?Ele gore Zim e tshajwan?Don’t we hv enuf troops to take care of the matter?Ds sucks!!!Kante ken Mugabe a tlwaela jaana?Lets wag vir hom,ons sal gaan daar en hulle moer en moer…

  10. Go nna civilian the ke sebe….jus shut up if u can’t say anythin ryt,we r trading war stories here,dnt forget gore this 20 first century…enemies do anythin they can

  11. just like the victim had to do all the measures to protect its citizen from being hurt by greedy fools, who believes in death just like zimbabwe we are ready tell them to do something we will skin them alive yo