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Botswana games hailed



Botswana Karate Association Deputy Chairperson Mpho Bakwadi says the Botswana Games have since their inception helped the sport spread to all the districts in the country.

Speaking to Voice Sport, on Wednesday afternoon at the Francistown Civic Hall, the venue for the karate chapter of the games a grateful Bakwadi told Voice Sport.

“This is a great opportunity for us and has helped BOKA catch young talent from all districts. In the years before the Botswana Games it was a challenge for us to reach districts such as Kgalagadi, Ghantsi and Chobe. I am pleased to say we now have all the 16 districts in the country”

Bakwadi went on to say that the Botswana Games have also given BOKA the confidence to kick start karate development in areas they could not reach before.

“Our Technical Officer will start programmes in such areas soon”, he said.