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Bots explores export business to Namibia

Bots explores export business to Namibia
BITC DIRECTOR: Corporate communications, Kutlo Moagi

Last month’s mission by local companies to Namibia is expected to generate export business worth millions of pulas in the near future, Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) Director – Corporate Communications, Kutlo Moagi has said.

BITC last month provided local firms with a platform to explore export and partnership opportunities in the neighboring Namibia.

“Although it is still too early to estimate the amount of business that will be generated, It is worth noting here that the potential buyers (identified during the mission) include mostly the biggest product distributors with a wide footprint in Namibia and significant market share as well as government institutions,” Moagi said.

In 2015 Botswana’s share in Namibian imports was about 12percent. Unworked industrial diamonds and the rest accounted for 97percent of the exports from Botswana to Namibia by non-diamond exports.

Relocation of Diamond Trading Company (DTC) to Gaborone resulted in Botswana exports to Namibia growing by a whopping 123percent between 2011 and 2015.

Namibian exports to Botswana are dominated by diamonds, which come to Botswana for beneficiation.

“The low base of trade in non-mineral products provides Botswana with an opportunity to grow its product portfolio in the Namibian market,” said Moagi

Some companies, Moagi explained have already received requests for quotations while some are already negotiating agency agreements.

She said the expectation is that the deals being negotiated will have long term positive effect on trade flows from Botswana to Namibia.

Some of the products and services needed in Namibia are bulkhead light fittings, face bricks, plastic water tanks, sorghum meal, mining conveyor belts, vinyl floor tiles and waste water management solutions, the mission has established.

Namibia is in close proximity to Botswana and the Trans-Kalahari highway provides good connectivity to that market.

With a population almost similar to that of Botswana, Moagi said Namibian companies have also shown a lot of willingness to trade with Botswana companies.