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Boteti Mining changes to Lucara Botswana

Boteti Mining changes to Lucara Botswana

Boteti Mining, has changed its trading name as part of the company’s re-branding strategy.

The mining company, which has been operational for six years and houses Karowe diamond, will now trade by the name Lucara Botswana.

Speaking at the launch, Vice President, Slumber Tshogwane applauded the company for contributing positively towards changing the lives of Batswana and embracing the country’s vision 2036 ideals.

“As the company officially rebrands, I encourage you to continue embracing Botswana’s ideals, contributing to the national vision 2036 and its promise of achieving prosperity for all,as well as participating in Sustainable Economic Development projects, especially within communities found around your production asserts,” he said.

Lucara Botswana MD, Naseem Lahri explained that the company decided to change its name for the simple reason that they do not want to confine their name to a single region in Botswana where the mine is currently based. He further explained that it is no secret that they have ambitions of opening more mines and as such confining themselves to the region of Boteti would work to their disadvantage when it came to expanding.

“We want to be seen as a fully Botswana company as we continue to look for more land to expand our operations- Boteti included of course, because we continue to mine our exceptional stones there,” he explained.

Lahri further said re-branding into Lucara Botswana is also a symbol of confidence on the political and economic stability of Botswana.

“The political climate here continues to inspire us to want to expand our presence in the beautiful Botswana. On that note we intend to extend the life span of our mine from 2026 to 2045. These expansion activities will result in increased employment and up-skilling of Batswana.”

The MD said the story of Boteti Mining will be incomplete without mention of its rare diamond recoveries which includes the Lesedi la rona, the 342 carat Queen of Kalahari, the 472 carat light brown sparkler as well as the record breaking 813 carat gem called The Constellation.