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BOSWA energy BSE listing in the works

BOSWA energy BSE listing in the works

Boswa Energy Botswana have revealed their intention to list on the local exchange, Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) by the end of the year.

The local fuel supplier and fuelling station franchiser’s Group CEO, Tumelo Sealetsa announced this move at the 9th Annual Women in Business and Leadership Conference held at Masa Square Hotel in Gaborone recently.

Sealetsa is confident the move will open up boundless opportunities for the infant energy supplier.

Presenting on the ‘Franchise opportunities at Boswa Energy’, Sealetsa invited women entrepreneurs and the general public with idle land to submit applications to Boswa Energy for fuelling station partnerships.

“We currently have over 50 applications from Batswana interested in the business thus far,” he disclosed.

Sealetsa noted that the multinational companies currently operating in Botswana’s energy sector are set to exit the country soon, leaving Boswa Energy as the only major player in the local industry.

He stressed this could prove a ‘highly lucrative’ development for locals willing to exploit the opportunity.

Speaking of future prospects, Sealetsa said the Group plans to extend its tentacles into the Southern African Development Community (SADC) by setting up subsidiaries.

The Group also intends to promote joint venture partnerships with indigenous industry players who will be selected on their understanding of the native business, pricing strategies, distribution channels, legislative landscape, capacity as well as their footprint.

Boswa Energy Africa is a 100% Botswana citizen owned company licenced to wholesale petroleum and oil refinery products.

Some of the services it offers include: filling station franchising, fuel depot development and management as well as bulk fuel and lubrication supply with the supply of products such as petrol and diesel from FuelEco and FuelPrime, and lubricants from Vulcan, ENCool and ENOC brands.

Still at the conference, BSE Head of Market Development, Thapelo Moribame encouraged entities to list on the BSE.

She said entities have the option of listing as a group and should seriously consider it.

Speaking on investing, Moribame cautioned would-be investors to be diligent and fully research the companies they intend to invest in. She explained this would curtail a situation where one ends up making the wrong investment, which ultimately costs them money and time.