Educators drilled on Leadership and Work Ethic

Botswana Sectors of Educators Trade Union (BOSETU) leadership held a four day workshop in Selebi Phikwe where members were grilled on a number of issues.

Teachers turned into students as presenters schooled them on topics ranging from Leadership, Work Ethic, Management and Supervision,Public Service Act and Finance.

The selected teachers are expected to then impart the acquired knowledge to other teachers, in a drive by BOSETU to change mindsets and empower educators.

In his presentation on leadership, BOSETU Vice President Mogomotsi Motshegwa said every person has an inborn ability to lead, but such characteristics must be developed and nurtured to increase a person’s effectiveness. Motshegwa stressed that success in any effort is determined by the quality of leadership.

“Individuals may have different value systems and management abilities but influencing human behavior is the essential and ultimate result. Leadership is about the capacity to influence human behaviour,” said Motshegwa.

Urging the attendants to be exemplary leaders, Motshegwa said it is important for leaders of any organisation to acknowledge its weaknesses and strengths.

“Deliberate decisions should be made to develop and empower all involved in the running of the organisation,” he said.

He said the starting point for every leader is to cultivate the right attitude. Motshegwa said attitude is the only distinction between a leader and a follower.

“People read and respond to a leader’s prevailing attitudes, not what a leader says or which strategies they put forward,” Motshegwa told his attentive class.

BOSETU is expected to hold workshops of this nature in different regions in their spirited efforts to transform education and empower teachers.

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