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BOSASNet joins the rest of the world in the Voices of Recovery


In September every year, countries all over the world celebrate National Recovery Month.

The theme for this year is Join the Voices for Recovery: Visible, Vocal, Valuable. BOSASNet joined these celebrations by carrying out interventions to prove that substance abuse treatment is effective, and people can recover from substance abuse.

Just like BOSASNet you can join the voices too. Society usually speaks with one voice against substance abuse and sometimes that voice can be so powerful that it seems like no one supports recovery.

The aim of this month is to encourage people in recovery to be visible, thus showing that recovery is possible. BOSASNet continues to be Visible during this month by providing education in different organisations such as Mogoditshane Junior Secondary school and Morupule Coal Mine in Palapye.

At BOSASNet we believe that the more visible individuals are, the more equipped we are as a country to fight against substance abuse. When we are visible with our recovery experiences, for example, fears of being the only one taking the first step to recovery, will be dispelled.

The purpose of being vocal is to encourage people in recovery and their family members to share their experiences.Just like the Vision 2016 pillar of ‘an Educated and Informed Nation’, at BOSASNet we believe that the more vocal individuals are the more productive our country will be.

Being vocal allows people who are in recovery to dispel myths such as “marijuana makes you intelligent”.

The purpose of seeing the Value of people in recovery and their family members is to dispel the belief that recovery is miserable and nothing to celebrate. Since opening its doors in 2010, BOSASNet has seen courageous people embark on the journey of recovery, changing from living troubled lives on substances into productive sober lives.

We continue to VALUE this courage by offering high quality services to everyone who walks in through our doors.

We have developed programmes that empower individuals to see their worth and value.

The month of recovery is almost over, however, we commit to continue the celebration. Join us in being vocal, visible and highlighting the value of recovery.

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