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Jean Marc giving his guesta a bit of rock'n roll

The French community in Botswana has found their little comfort zone in Alliance Françoise as their venue of choice for all their partying and exhibitions. Though I do not understand one bit of French, I always enjoy hearing the language around me and dancing to all the zouk and more francophone tunes, especially with a live band. Interestingly, this is the only place where I feel comfortable to dance with a male stranger without feeling violated.

BRING IT ON BABY: Ingrid dancing to Jean Marc's strings

This past Saturday the former deputy director of Alliance Françoise Jean Marc Deppeire and his wife hosted a farewell party to bid all their colleagues and friends a warm farewell, the French way.
Being a cold June night, the attendees made it a point that they dressed warmly in jackets, woollen sweaters, scarves, gloves and beanies. Quite funny to find a lot of Europeans all covered up against the African winter, while one would have thought our winter was a child’s play in comparison to their snowing season.


The main style for the ladies on this night seemed to be knee-high boots with pants or tights shoved in them. Some looked chic while a few failed to pull it off. Like they say, it’s either you have it or you don’t. For a change though, there wasn’t any skimpily dressed females opposing the cold, everyone looked warmed up as they danced to Jean Marc’s tunes.
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Ask the FashionistaGal,

With World cup in South Africa, are you by any chance going to attend any of the games and take pictures of the soccer fashion while there? I can’t wait!
Tebs, Palapye

Hey T,
Oh, yes! I’ll be in Jozi for the Africa Fashion week beginning the 3oth June to the 3rd July, where Koketso Chiepe, our girl from on the international scene, will be showcasing her latest collection on the 1st July. There’s no way I’ll miss the soccer fever too, so watch out for my review in two weeks.
Though I wont be able to attend, I’m also excited to share that our own Mpho Kuaho is also showcasing at another fashion event, Vukani Awards, in Jozi from the 21st-29th June.

Yep! When you are told you’ll win prizes from Sarita, so it will be. This week’s winners are a special pair that I chose due to their genuine concerns in relation to fashion. Kele Bula in Serowe wins a Sarita shirt and compact mirror and Ndiupi Senyahale in Selebi Phikwe, takes a Sarita t-shirt and pen. Ladies, please send your sizes so your tops fit well.


  1. i m size 32.thanks dear.im still waiting fo your response about the workshop with the ladies in selebi phikwe.from today count me as one one of your listeners then i will tell my friends about it.