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Boko vows to fight Khama’s benefits

Boko vows to fight Khama's benefits

Leader of Opposition, Duma Boko has vowed to fight with whatever he has at his disposal to reverse the approved Bill that amends the Pensions and Retirement Benefits of former Presidents.

Speaking in an interview outside parliament last week, Boko said that as opposition parties, they were going to table motions that call for the reversal of the bill.

“How our former Presidents did not complain about their packages is an indication that this one is meant specifically to benefit certain people,” Boko said.

However, Members of Parliament from the ruling party who supported the bill argued that President Ian Khama has a different lifestyle from his predecessors.

Quashing the BDP MPS argument Boko, noted that that if Khama wants to maintain a certain kind of lifestyle it was only fair that he financed it from his pocket.

Boko vows to fight Khama's benefits

“Public funds can not be used to entertain his lifestyle, if Khama wants more than what the government is offering him, then he must do it from his pocket. We cannot make laws that benefit him as an individual,” said the leader of opposition.

The new bill will allow Khama to seek employment elsewhere in government once he leaves office.

Khama will also have access to any mode of transport owned by government though it will have to be through the sitting President.

These include boats, planes and choppers. Other benefits include, a house worth P34 million, 80% of his current salary and being provided with three top of the range vehicles.