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Boko explains UDC crisis

Boko explains UDC crisis

“Pilane and BMD here to stay”

The embattled Umbrella for Democratic Change President, Duma Boko says the president of the Botswana Movement for Democracy, Advocate Sydney Pilane and his party are not leaving the coalition.

Boko was responding to allegations that have been doing rounds that a sizeable section of the UDC from both the BNF and the BCP wanted Pilane and his party booted out of the Umbrella because they had lost trust in the advocate.

In an interview with The Voice, Boko said that those who did not want Pilane should simply get used to the fact that the man and his BMD were in the Umbrella to stay.

“Ke dikeletso le ditoro tsa bangwe. (It’s their wishes and dreams) No one is going to be fired including myself,” Boko said, adding that as far as he was aware everything was going well with the coalition except that just like all big organisations there were some differences of opinions at times.

“There was never an agreement from the start that Pilane together with BMD were to be removed from the UDC at some point.”

“People should not present individual views as if it as an official statement of the party and cause confusion. There are no fights at UDC, gare bereke ka lethoo kana botsala. We work according to the constitution,” Boko noted.

Of recent the UDC has been making news headlines about some contracting partners wanting to bolt out of the Umbrella.

Boko explains UDC crisis
HERE TO STAY: Sidney Pilane

Media reports have been awash with allegations that the BCP were fighting for constituencies with the BMD while some of the BNF members argued that they did not see any value added by the BMD and wanted it kicked out.

This has caused divisions within the party amid calls for an emergency congress, The Voice can reveal.

Boko however assured UDC members and voters at large that despite all these seemingly worrisome developments; “all the four contracting parties under the UDC will go to 2019 elections as a team.”

Meanwhile, UDC Members of Parliament boycotted elections for the position of Vice President on Wednesday

Boko said that they did not want to be involved because the candidate was decided upon at the Botswana Democratic Party’s caucus and therefore had nothing to do with opposition parties.

“It was their decision and we didn’t want to be involved or to disturb them,” he said