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NOT SILENCED: Noah Salakae

I cannot be silenced

Of late he has been under the spotlight with speculation rife on social media that he was either defecting to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) or awaiting the Ndaba Gaolathe-led Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) faction to form a new party before he crosses the floor.

But amid the speculation, Noah Salakae- the Gantsi North legislator has remained calm.

This week, Salakae who quit his job at Tertiary Education Council six months before he successfully contested in the 2014 general election, spoke to The Voice Assignment Editor, Daniel Chida, to clear the mist surrounding him and his future in politics.

There have been allegations about your days being numbered at your party, Botswana National Front, are we going to see you contesting under the Umbrella for Democratic Change ticket in 2019?

I cannot tell now because there is too much political conundrum and it is difficult to predict the future.

I love the BNF and it’s my party and I hope that it remains to be the party that I loved 20 years back.

The world is unpredictable and I would not know my future under these circumstances.

I am one of the politicians who didn’t start and will not end my life in Parliament, I started at a young age and even if I were to see myself outside parliament then I will not stop my activism.

I believe in faith and listening to my instincts. If at the time of elections God tells me not to contest then I will not contest.

I don’t subscribe much to the politics of hatred.

I will not leave the BNF and if I were to resign, the first people to consult will be the people of the Gantsi North with whom I have had a cordial relationship.

I am at peace at BNF. I used to think that everyone that I love will love me back but politics has shown me that things do not work that way.

I cherish the day I decided to stand for political office because now I know my enemies.

Q: Why are there allegations of your supposed defection?

During my encounter with some people discussing some things, I suspect some misinterpreted me.

I want a free democratic society where everybody does what he wants as long as he does not make life unbearable for others.

I will rather starve than join the BDP. It will not be clever of me to leave BNF and join BPP, BCP or BMD because we are fighting for one thing.

Q: Your party seems to be divided especially after the BMD saga, can you explain that.

It is true that the impasse at BMD have caused a temporary confusion within the BNF and this will come and pass.

Whoever believed that Kenneth Koma would die not being a member of the BNF, it will not be long before it passes.

In politics you have to expect people to differ and we have our challenges that were there before the BMD.

Q: Why are you so concerned with their problems?

We are married in community of property and though their problems do not affect us directly like them, we are affected as partners.

We don’t want our partner whom we are fighting the BDP together to be in such a mess.

I am not taking any side in this confusion but the only thing that I am missing in the BMD, BNF and even the UDC is the voice of the voting public.

My interest in the impasse of the BMD is the extent to which original members are allowed the space to participate in the affairs of the movement.

Q: So what happened in Bobonong is very sad to any democracy-loving man. People were not allowed to choose the leaders they want.

My wish is that God leads the mediators and give them the wisdom to have a logical conclusion that will be accepted by either side.

My wish is to see a united BMD.

Q: You worked with Gaolathe at UDC before, can you also work with Sidney Pilane?

I will work with anybody who the BMD chooces under a democratic and correct setup.

In politics you don’t work with someone because you are friends but because you are comrades.

At the moment a lot is happening at the BMD and our President Duma Boko has asked us not make a comment.

BMD needed to get into this mess so that we can learn who are the real leaders and where we are missing.

We need each member’s analysis in order for us to solve this mess. The BMD mess should not have divided us.

Q: There are rumours that you don’t see eye to eye with your party leaders, why?

I am friend to the ordinary people and have been regarded a thorn to the leaders because I never keep quite when injustice is done.

This life of ambushing and pushing people wanting them to go somewhere is something that I will not do.

I have been inspired by Dr Patrick Mmolotsi who was my former boss at Tertiary Education Council.

He taught me of Botho and told me that politics is very evil. Nobody will silence me; I do my things in good faith.

Nobody will put me in a corner and force me to do things I do not want to do.

Q: So what are your future plans in your political life?

My target has been to serve only two terms and if there is an option for a third term then it has to be on a different constituency, maybe one in Gaborone, I don’t fear coming here.

There are other roles waiting for me besides being an MP.

There is no seriousness in parliament, people fight to edge each other out.

Q: Do you still believe BDP will be defeated?

Without the Electronic Voting Machine, I don’t see BDP coming back into power in the next elections not that people like us that much but because we are the only alternative.

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