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BNF apologise for silence over Mayor’s rape scandal


Botswana National Front’s (BNF) Secretary General, Moeti Mohwasa, has apologised for his party’s silence over the rape allegation against their high-profile member, Kagiso Thutlwe.

Earlier this month the Gaborone Mayor was accused of rape by a fellow member of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) in an incident that dates back to 2016.

When addressing the media on Wednesday, Mohwasa, who was in the company of the party’s Publicity Secretary, Justin Hunyepa, acknowledged that the BNF had delayed in issuing a statement on the matter.

“We do admit that as a party we have not been swift enough in addressing the issue the same way we handled the Sebina issue, which involved a Botswana Democratic Party Councillor, Kemmonye Amon – maybe then we acted faster than now!”

Two years ago, Amon was vilified for allegedly defiling a student but the case never reached the court after it transpired the teenager was not underage.

Attempting to justify his party’s silence, Mohwasa explained that apart from the information they read in the media, they did not have any facts about the case.

“We first have to engage both parties before we make a stand. What if the case is withdrawn or the two say nothing happened between them?”

“We have to wait for a full report from the police before we commit ourselves,” reasoned Mohwasa, who stressed they would be no call for the Mayor to step down without proof that indeed a rape occurred.

Meanwhile, Mohwasa revealed there would be no primary elections in Mochudi East as the party was fresh from a bye-election, which they won through Moagi Molebatsi.

“The Central Committee also took a decision that in future there won’t be any primary elections in an area that held a bye-election 18 months before elections,” he said, adding that in Mochudi East only wards were going to go through primary elections.

The news is likely to be met with mixed feelings as a number of people from the said constituency confided to this publication, on condition of anonymity, that they will challenge the move.

“We cannot have a decision imposed on us without consultation,” grieved one member from Mochudi East.