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Bitter clash over cash

Kungo Mabogo


 “A gift can not be converted into a loan” says Matenge

A bitter clash in court over cash between Kungo Mabogo, a corporate communications specialist and her flambouyant ex boyfriend, Resego Leshman Matenge exploded into a full-blown public battle this week.

Mabogo and Matenge have been locked in a highly volatile court case concerning a P303, 048.75 loan that Mabogo allegedly gave to Matenge in 2012 when they were still a couple.

Matenge has however consistently and vehemently argued over the last three years that the bulk of the money was spent on buying expensive gifts for him and therefore could not be converted into a loan.

The high court recently ruled in his favour but Mabogo appealed.

This week, the Court of Appeal set aside the judgment and sent back the case to the high court for retrial.

Speaking to The Voice from Namibia where she is based as Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU) Communications Manager, Mabogo explained how the case was not so much about the money but about principles of loyalty and honesty.

“ I loaned that man the money with the trust that he would pay it back. We didn’t have a signed agreement but I have proof of lending because I signed a cheque for him to prop up his transport logistics business which was experiencing cash flow problems back then,” said Mabogo.

The determined woman further spoke of how morally wrong it was for Matenge to abuse her goodwill and make her look foolish in court by claiming that the money was a gift and not a loan.

Resego Matenge
                                                    DEFENSIVE: Resego Matenge

“He insulted my intelligence and maturity because I know the difference between giving and lending. All I need is justice and this case will be closed,” said Mabogo in celebration of the court ruling on Tuesday.

Matenge however came out guns blazing to defend his position that he was given most of the money in the form of presents.

“ I only owe her P70 000. The rest of the money on the bill she submitted to the court was used to buy me gifts and I gave her gifts too worth a lot more than she gave me. You cannot exchange gifts in a relationship and later expect to convert them into a soft loan,” Matenge argued.

Explaining how he ended up borrowing P70, 000 from Mabogo, Matenge said, “We had planned a trip to SA but I wanted to wait until my employees were paid. She offered me P70 000 loan for salaries so we could travel immediately. The case has dragged on for three years because she won’t accept that amount as repayment for the loan.”

He then produced copies of invoices of Mabogo’s car service he paid for to prove that he too had assisted Mabogo financially.

“ I’m shocked that she has even billed me for the P3, 200 lights she bought for me. If you must know those are the same lights that her children used to read because she and her children lived in my house for sometime but I never charged her rent and groceries. She drove my X5 and put a 40, 000km mileage on it but I never demanded payment. This woman must just move on with her life like I did and stop acting desperate,” Matenge who has been dating Botswana’s Best Female Artist, Charma Gal since his break up with Mabogo shot back.

Meanwile, last week at Lobatse high court Matenge was declared an absent father and Mabogo given full custody of their son.

Responding to the loss of child custody he said, “I was surprised to see her celebrating on social media as if I contested the custody and she won when I simply signed court papers because I did not want us to fight over our son. She has full custody of the child but he remains my son and one day we will reconnect when he is old enough to make his own decisions.”