BISA go for elections

The Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) elective Annual General Meeting will be held this weekend in Palapye.

There’ll be an interesting contest for the presidency of the association.

The incumbent Joshua Gaothobogwe had to go past legal hurdles for his right to defend his seat.

Twice he was said to be ineligible to stand for elections, only to be restored after he engaged a lawyer.

Gaotlhobogwe will face stiff competition from the current Vice President Ben Radihepi.

His right hand man for some time, Radihepi is viewed as an obvious replacement and the right man to carry BISA forward.

Another challenge comes in the form of Eagile Molelo, who is viewed as a progressive candidate willing to shake up things at the association.

BISA go for elections

The current administration has been rocked by allegations of misuse of funds and maladministration which Gaotlhobogwe vehemently denies.

“Those are just old tricks used by my challengers to de-campaign me, but it won’t work,” he said.

“The P1.3 million from KBL which we allegedly failed to account for was never handed to us in cash form. It was in the form of kit, training equipment and refreshments for players during games,” he said.

Gaothobogwe said he needs another term at the helm of BISA which he will use to source sponsors for the association.

For his part Molelo said his main worry was the lack of women in senior position in the association. He said he has reserved a slot for a woman in his committee should he win.

“We want to establish women and girls in school sports commission to address lack of women in sports leadership,” he said.

“My intention is to also cut costs by reducing incentives given to the executive committee members like claims for mileage.

Molelo said should he be voted president he will appoint a national coordinator to monitor athletes’ performance in Centres of Excellence.

“We also want to bring back national BISA award to motivate our coaches and athletes,” said Molelo.

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