Home Business BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship 2017 Scholars announced

BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship 2017 Scholars announced

BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship 2017 Scholars announced
ALL SMILES: Scholarship recipients

The BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship which aims to benefit talented young Batswana with aspirations to pursue postgraduate studies was announced this week.

Below are the recipients’ profiles.

Mogomotsi Mokgosi

Mogomotsi Mokgosi describes himself as a self-driven Management Accountant who currently works for the BIHL Group having previously held positions at Botswana Development Corporation and BIHL sister company, Botswana Insurance Company.

He will be pursuing a Master of Business degree at the University of Botswana, a qualification that will help him serve the Group more diligently.

Tefo Baraki

Tefo Baraki is an ambitious young woman who has a passion for collecting, analysing and interpreting information and making it work for different stakeholders.

In her motivational letter, she says, “In an effort to address challenges faced by our country, it is vitally important to venture into various research.”She will be pursuing a MSc Statistics at BIUST.

Maleshwane Ramooki

Maleshwane is a graduate of University of Botswana with a BSc in Statistics. She has worked as a data clerk for UB, Statistics Botswana, ACHAP and UNICEF.

She aspires to complete her Master’s Degree in the next two years and be of service to her country, better qualified.

Phemelo Boikanyo

Phemelo is a graduate of the University of Botswana with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

He is an intern at the Kgatleng District Council under the Economic Planning Division.

He held intern positions at Botswana Stock Exchange and Bank of Botswana respectively.

Quoting a line in his Motivation letter he says, “I stubbornly believe that education is the most viable tool to break away from the manacles of poverty.”

Boikhutso Onkabetse

Boikhutso did not let the closure of her former employer dampen her spirits – with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Financial Management from Rhodes University, she was determined to pursue her MBA against all odds.

She applied for the BIHL Trust Thomas Tlou Scholarship with the vision of becoming part of the solution to the unemployment crisis in Botswana.

Boikhutso sees herself as a future ownerof a successful business that will employ a large number of Batswana.

Bino Ntsayakgosi

Bino recently completed her internship at BIHL’s asset management subsidiary, Bifm.

She obtained her AAT qualification in 2015.

Bino sees herself as a young professional who would like to stand as an instrument of change in her community, she believes ACCA will put her in a good position to mentor young girls to believe in themselves – breaking the socially constructed educational stereotypes that accounting is a male dominated field.