It was very embarrassing to see negative comments by Batswana on Facebook and twitter who were momentarily happy that Kaone was evicted from the Big Brother 5 house last Sunday. All of them wish it was Warona in the house. They all must have been thouroughly embarrassed when Big Brother revealed that it was a fake eviction and that K-1 had to return to the house. As it turned out, he did not get a single nomination on Monday and will survive for at least another week. Hannington, Sammi and Uti are up for eviction. Unfortunately Monnamogolo has to follow the show on the internet since I cannot afford to subscribe!


Octave Record Company is one of the fastest growing record companies in the country. Thanks to artists like Osadi. The rising gospel music queen has just released a fine eight track album, A Mpitsa, comprising of tunes like Mangihambe Naw, A Re Rataneng, We Bless Your Name, O A Re Rata, A Mpitsa, Kuwe Nkosi, Lentswe and Dinku Tsame. The producers, Daniel Njoroge and Tshepo, took the tried and tested route of beats and rhythms associated with Botswana gospel music that was introduced by the likes of Phepheretlhe way back in the 90’s. This album gets 7 stars out of 10 from yours truly! Monnamogolo. For album/DVD reviews call 72842046!


Diamond Studios has allegedly been closed down and relocated back to Zimbabwe. The once very ambitious studio and recording company has however left a long lasting memory in the hearts of music lovers as it has over the last two years been home of some of the top artists in the country. The likes of Jeff Matheatau, Chri Manto 7Ven and Tselakgopo have all recorded albums there. It closes down just as a new Mpaqanga group, Makau, released its debut album, Tanki Ya Motswana. Produced by Tawanda, the trio has some of the most hilarious lyrics in songs like Dallas, Rra Khombi and the title track, Tanki Ya Motswana. It gets a 6 out of ten stars from yours truly!



Love it or hate, Botswana music is surviving despite the drastic drop in sales. Thanks to the resilience and aspirations of budding new musicians like Sanyane(Ghost, Kwana, Tladi, Adrejane and Tibe), our culture is continually been saved in recorded songs. The new group’s album has songs with positive tswana culture messages like Diane, Tshwana, Tladi, Mmanaana and Bolela. Produced at Chankieland Studios by Phemelo Mokgweetsi, Phemo Mokgweetsi, Earnest Seakgosing, Florent Nawej-Kaleng and Patrick Mogapi. It gets seven stars out of 10 from yours truly. To get your CD/DVD reviewed on this page, call 72842046 or drop your CD/DVD at The Voice offices in Commerce Park!



This has to be Monnamogolo’s surprise album of the week. Makgoa a re do not judge a book by  its cover. When I picked up this CD from The Voice office on Monday, I almost immediately dismissed it due to its somewhat sub-standard packaging. Tshidi could have done much better with the sleeve if she had spent a few more hundred bucks. However, the music is so sweet and kind to the ear. Tunes like Ketla Iphelela, Johana, Pelo Tulo, Lebitso, Thuso, Ikgethele, Bethlehem and Modimo Wa Lorato may convert even the die hard non believers. I found myself listening to this album on repeat for about two hours. I may well be getting converted too, lol…get yourself a copy of this album, it gets seven stars out of 10 from yours truly!

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whether evicted or not i dnt care what does it hold for us dis nna honestly am bitter bo kaone ga ba na mosola mo rona santha wa bora nd secondly wats in for us wen he wins nun,o kae kaone kario nw re mo votile wat do we get make botswana proud hahaha just wait anada two wiks and he will be out lik it or not


@ras wena wa bua ke sone sese re bolayang se, motho gasa kgatlhe gate rere wa kgatlha sheeeeeee! kaone ene ele soomamang a masepa, lona makau ke lona reka ikgantshang ka lona ka gore nna lea nkgatlha tota! Sibinjolo moshianyana!


@ras n @Parasco ..guys le bitter dats why south africans bale kgala coz u neva support ur home guys..n how do we expect us 2 hold da flag for our country high whilst u cnat support ur locals…shame upon u guys..thumbs up K1 u go boy.

lona le a kgatlha waitse.U obviously do not know how2make ur country proud.Nd u never will.I have!,nd it feels good representing Batswana out there.They Know and respect us as Batswana 4 who we are and wat we do.

le tseela gore le kgatha ne? or letseela gore le bua nngwe sense…who said kaone or keone was gonna bring any of u guys anything? gate wats in for us? akere it was clear gore kario once a win oaya go model ko mahatsheng kana wena one o vota hela osaiste gore o votelang…u know what we/kaone dont need di votenyana tsa lona tse di buang keepe em or le votelanele boso the 2 of u..kwee keeng ne le ikgaeditse so..


Rasebanyola le Parasco whats gotten into you guys le tlhabisa ditlhong waitse gatwe le bafe? Oh man oh man what a confusion. You sound like people who tried to joined big brother house and failed auditioning anyway people let me tell you when you lose don’t ever think you will win through being jealous!!!


batho ba bangwe fa o bona basa tshwelele mo life ba diilwe ke tshele ya setswana,K-1 u r my hom boy n just go boy mak us prod o tlogele bo suck boy ba buisiwa ke nopa bp rasbanyola sissssssss


rasebanyola le parasco le bua yaaka batho ba hlaetse dikotla bale ba nnye,le bitter,le tletse tshele waitse,e tla le busetsa eng tota?u guyz are nt even hlf da guy kaone z laitse,gape le dimatla,le tsaya gore le bua sengwe mare le bua moroko hela,,siiiiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!!!

@ras n parasco batswana ke a le akgola ga gona nnete e e fetang eo ebile go akgela jaana ga se go supa gr re batla go kgatlha ope mongwe le mongwe o bua a gagwe.ebile motho wa bone fa a sena go winner o fudugela ko africa bora ga twe go eng teng? ga se gr re bitter NO……guys/gals, nnete e tshwanetse ya salwa morago.


nnyaa hle ba itshwareleng ba hlaetse thuto dimoamoa tse,y the f*** did u vote in the 1st place if u knew there was nothin in it 4 ur sorry arse??sorry 4 the language pips—dilo tse di a tena tse…and masepa is wat u have under that jean u are wearin maparapara-sco a gago


m behind k1 all the way.. and to hell with all the playa haters out there kante batho ke eng ba le jealous jaana…


the last time i checked i tot bots was a democrac country so y a we being critisised so as if re bolaile mongwe nna am not jealous ke bua puo phaa lik it or not am human being wit rights

joe junior