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BIG WEEKEND 28/05/10


MY Star took a dramatic turn last Friday when it got into the most diffi – cult stage of the competition, task
songs. Gaone, who was in the bottom two and was one vote away from being eliminated came back to completely destroy the other eight ladies with a well done task song. In fact, it was perhaps the fi rst time in the history of the competition that a contestant had done as well as she did in the fi rst stage of the task songs. Another remarkable thing is the best singers were the worst on the night.

The name Ezy evoked memories of the legendary hip hop artist Eazy E mo go nna. I am just impressed at the level of beat making by young producers. They make very good beats. The only thing most of them lack
is the recording, mixing, arranging and mastering skills. Ezy’s Motswako CD, “Street Legal” falls smack in that category. Good beats but not so good post production. The 15-track album has nice beats like 4 Majita Ekasi, Never let You Fall, Ey Sane, One By One and Kgale ba Lebile. If they can re-record, mix and master
it properly, this CD would make waves. It gets 6 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo.

FOR the next two months we will be profi ling television presenters from Btv and eBotswana. Monnamogolo recently spoke to eBotswana’s ‘Foundation’ co-host, Sega Sejoe and this is what she had to say about herself: “Sega is an adventurous, and energetic girl, I try to live everyday like it’s my last. Hiphop
is a male dominated genre, and getting your word out there as a female is not easy. Even though that’s the case, guys admire women who live for hip-hop. Sega is a dancer and was featured in K-Bos’ video. K-Bos’ music is very hip-hop, I think he is a back to basics kind of guy. His music is relevant and inspiring”,
she says about the experience. Catch her every Thrs at 6pm on eBotswana

@ House Expressions Vol 1
Can anyone beat these guys anytime soon?
Not many people would dare answer that question in the affi rmative. House Junkies continue to fl y high. Someone will take them out someday, but not in the foreseeable future. The quartet of Archduke,
Spinz, Bush and Stomps have just dropped their much anticipated House CD. It is just as hot as a braai stand folks. With production credits from Styles, Canny Makhenzo, Dj Oats, Glam, Kuchi and two South African producers Nkokhi and Dj Kabza, the CD features some of the best variety of house music released this year. The CD gets a 9 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo!

Culture Spears is at it again. Kabelo Mogwe’s group has over the years done a tremendous job to build their brand through their music with Culture Spears and other groups and subgroups they have helped.
Many do not know that the super group was very instrumental in building up Slizer. They have worked also with Topito and Mantshwabisi. Some of the members released two big albums under the ‘E Ke Ntolo’
name. Now, the group has just dropped a hot traditional music album for Gabose Gangwe, former lead singer of Ditshimega, called “Goo Lowe”. They used their magic man Joe Maseko on production. This is a hot album and gets 8 out f 10 stars from Monnamogolo!