It’s three weeks to go for My Star Botswana to crown a new winner. For the remaining contestants it has to be the most nail biting moments. Last week saw one of the tightest bottom two contests with crowd favourite Kedibonye going against Stephanie. The two had to battle twice after a panel of judges was split right in the middle as to who should go. DJ Shaboo was the guest judge, bringing the number of judges to four. In the second round of the battle, Kedibonye came back with guns blazing and emerged the better of the two. The competition is at the top 5 stage with Kgalalelo, Galaletsang, Wame, Omphemetse and Kedibonye. Tonight (Friday) enters the top 4. Who is next to feel the axe? Be at BTV Auditorium tonight at 8pm!


Winter ya ngwaga is biting way too hard, but this Friday many hip hop/Motswako lovers will not care about it as one of the continents best hip hop/Motswako artists, Tuks “Senganga”, from South Africa will bless Gaborone with his ill tunes. Inspired by the ongoing 2010, Soccer World Cup; WindRush Communications in conjunction with June/July Management brings you Winter’s Most Anticipated Party, this Friday at Lizard Lounge featuring Motswako artist, Tuks Senganga plus more surprise local acts. On the decks will be Mr. Tshaba Tshutshu and Easy B. A gig not to be missed!


He keeps going on and on. Jeff “Swata” Matheatau’s Diamond Studio’s latest album “Igwee” is surely a collectors item for his fans. The former army man who burst onto the music scene with the now classic Garas Pampiri megahit seems to age like wine. This six-track album includes sweet tunes like Igwee, Balume, Skwata 2, Mmagwane, Bo Malome and Macheri. He composed and arranged all the tunes. He features Gong Master on Skwata 2. He re-unites with Kapenda Katuda and Joseph Masamba on guitars and John Kasoma on drums. Paleio does raps. The album gets 8 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo.



Mr “Makhirikhiri” aka Shumba Ratshega is at it again. He has delved into both Borankana and Dikhwaere. Monnamogolo has lost count of his albums. He releases albums every year and the latest album “Le Ya Kae” is truly nice. The ten-track album with tunes like Madume Ga Jewe, Bojanala, Leseanyana, Madeodeo, Aids, Chappies and Sunamaru. He engaged the services of the now legendary traditional music producer Bullet King Ketshabile. He also features the likes of Kessy and Nametso. It was released through Sunshine Music in South Africa, a stable that has released some of the biggest Botswana artists. Shumba is the man. ‘Ke Tau Tota’ gets 8/10 for this album.

Gospel music has always done so well in Botswana, just like Kwasa Kwasa, House Kwasa and Borankana/Dikhwaere. Phempheretlhe set the tone way back in the 90’s and a ton of albums by various artists have been released since then. M Squared’s “Tshimologo” is one of the latest to hit the market. The eight-track album includes really sweet tunes like Ao Morena, Botshelo, Tshimologo, Confession, Lentswe and Ngwana Wa Mosetsana. The production is really nice, courtesy of Kalakuta Studios. Featuring Bryt on vocals, programmed by Bratz and mastered by TYU, this album gets 9 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo.



He looks fierce on the CD sleeve. His music is just that too. Ledimo Le Ja’s has just added his name to a list of young Batswana who continue to make us proud by preserving our rich culture in music. His eight-track album “Are Ikeleng Tlhoko!” with tunes like Re Tsile, Dikeledi, Bayangunanguna, Lo Ntsieditse, Bonang Ko! Uwe Walea and Makala, is a great first time attempt by the young artist. Programmed, mixed and mastered by DR Tawanda Reason and released and marketed by Dimo Music and Distribution, it is an album you all should not sleep on. It gets 7 out of 10 star from Monnamogolo.
If you are an artist and want your album reviewed on this column, call 72842046!

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thanx for the wonderfull updates of all time….

putra jaya

nna borankana jaanong bo setse bo ntsena mo mading, i always see the new artists n ke bo ke sa itse gore ba hella kae, anyway kip tryn. n gud luck


re supilee ngwao go lekane ao!.


these are the same songs we know e bile dire lapisitse. but the voice is always on top wen it comes to entertainment news.

tsitsi u re so stupid…… lona balo lathan ngwao……..o raya jang ore re supile ngwao go lekane? wht do u thnk we should do? cz we should keep on & on & on &on …………………………………………………………………. le ngwao re e tokafatsa


@shiiiiii. u are right dear.boTsitsi ke dieleele…