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BIG WEEKEND 23/07/10




The back of the DVD cover reads thus: “This marks a historical moment
in Botswana music. In this DVD, we see Vee’s production and
presentation matching international standards. Showing more growth as
both a performer and a brand. The choreography in all the videos is
fresh and outstanding. Once again Vee proves that indeed ke kgosi ya
straata. Zaza 2010″…Monnamogolo can confirm these few lines. The DVD
is perhaps the best Vee has ever made. It includes the tunes Phanzi,
Zaza, Joina, Zimbabwe, Parara, Kaone, Botswana and Zazile. It also
includes the much talked about performance at the recent Miss
Botswana. There is also lots of behind the scenes shots. The DVD gets
an eight out of ten stars from Monnamogolo. Go get it now. For DVD
and CD reviews on this page call 72842046!


K-1 is da man!


Anyone who thinks anyone else other than Kaone should be representing
Botswana at the final Big Brother Africa reality show should go and
take a long swim at the Gaborone Dam to breathe easy. Kaone is the
best Motswana to ever play this game, he was robbed last time on Big
Brother Africa 4. Ma-Cat are crying fowl that Warona should have been
the one. No way…Warona is my gal, but she only stayed to the end
because she was not a threat and the other contestants knew it and
that’s why they let her stay to the end. Even Tawana, played the game
better than her. On Tuesday, a BBA 5 poll that sought opinion from
viewers as to who they thought would leave first had Ethiopian Yacob
with the biggest votes to leave, Munya with the least  votes and Big
K-1  was the fourth least likely to leave. I am pulling for K-1 with
all my body and soul, if he wins I am gonna twist my employers hands
to give him a radio show….so all u Batswana out there, campaign to
keep him in the house!

Former Matsieng strongman, Ditiro, popularly known as DT is back at it
again, with a brand new album. This time he recorded his third solo
album in South Africa at Sunshine. Produced by Hepter Mailula who has
made a number of Botswana household names in South Africa including
Rra Dijo, the  eight track album, “More Oo Ko Ntsweng” is vintage DT.
Listening to this album from track one to the very end, it is no
wonder Matsieng has never recovered since he left them. Tunes like
Ditsala, Molekane, Mokapelo, Ramarepetla, Ngwanaka and Tshwana
featuring Ramapetla really stand out. Programmed by Space and Ditiro
himself, it is a must for all tradtional music enthusiasts. It gets an
8 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo. For CD and DVD reviews call yours
truly at 72842046!




T “Dot” Makaya and Berry Bone form such a formidable production duo.
So formidable that Monnamogolo puts them in the same league as Hail
Earth as two of the leading hip hop producers in the country. Mkaya
hails from Zimbabwe and was one of the leading hip hop producers in
that country before he moved to Botswana a few years ago to join Mud
Hut Studio as a audio producer for the company. There he got hooked up
with Berry Bone and the duo have been a rising force since then. They
have each released solo albums in the last year or so, Makaya’s album,
a hip hop album and Berry Bone’s, a house album. The brothers have now
teamed up to drop a joint hip hop album, “Stereophonic Equilibrium”,
and oooh my lord….its a gem! The album features Shanti-Lo, Sthibo,
Ref, Blaze, Aether, Smawlz, Cibil Nyte, Ftr, Zootath MC, Liz, Bundu
Lama and D-Nice. the first single, Sweet Like has already topped the
charts at Yarona Fm. But my absolute favourite tune on this album is
Hustle. It gets an 8 out of 10 from Monnamogolo, don’t sleep on it.
For CD and DVD reviews call yours truly at 72842046!


  1. K-One do your things man Batswana ke batho baba jealous o monna o montle wa marata go lejwa ele ruri! Sekgantshwana se dikoti marameng!

  2. Bagaetsho naare maina a ga vee a kae?maloba re le fa gothing e nngwe jaana o mpolelela maina a mantsi ntsi a re ke ene lill wayne kgantele nyana a re ke ene casablanca gompieno are ke ene mazabathi a.k.a mamphizy go raya gore next year e tla bo ele ene sgonoodo.Brur fokotsa maina.