Raw African talent!
The final leg of the Battle of the Finalists is on. The top six finalists were chosen last week and amongst them is a singer, Tshegofatso Serite, nephew of the controversial columnist and a good friend of mine Sonny Serite. She is my favourite to win mainly because I tend to prefer singers as opposed to dancers. In this competition, there was a young pre-teen poet that I thought should have been in the top 6 too. By sentiment, personally, I would have picked her as the winner of the competition. The fact that she is not even in the finals is testimony how tight the competiti0n was. This competition was for all finalists from the time the competition was started 15 years ago. The winner will win a whooping P50 000.00! Big up to the MAD team. The annual competition is still to start so any of you who wish to take part, get ready!



In the recent years, the country has experienced an influx of clothing labels as more young people began to take a keen interest in the world’s fashion trends.
Abraham Moses Tsheole founded and established Bravok clothing collection last year. The clothing brand specializes on designing contemporary clothing ranging from shirts, t-shirts, trousers and skirts.
Its target is mainly the youth and seeks to motivate them for action and calls upon them to be brave and tackle life challenges with ease hence the ‘bravery’ themed name.
The founders of the label say they want to be the trend setters in the fashion industry, moving from nothing to a house hold name.
“Our aim is to be one of the leading authentic brand most supplying reputable retail stores in Botswana and abroad,” they said.
They further say as artist are strategically placed and the best catalysts for marketing a strategy has already been put in place to lure them in.
Of date t-shirts, vests, socks and sun hats are available in all colours. For more information contact 75093160.

Back to the ROOTS


Anyone who has the first Marabi album from over five years ago would tell you that, that album showed so much potential for the three hot young “Dikgaka” ladies from Molepolole. The album was produced by Skizo and Favi at Tracks Studio. It included got tunes like Lenyalo, Dream and Sewiwi. Back then the group comprised of three members, Tebatso, Naomi and Rona. The group went into hibernation for many years after the release of that album. It has resurfaced this year, but this time with only Tebatso Dikgaka and Naomi Tese. On production this time is the pint sized and most underrated producer dynamo, Joe Tanyala and Goof of Hail Earth. The nine track album, Back to the ROOTS, is super to say the least. The ladies have grown tremendously. Track Heela, Gae Ko Mokwena and Dali Wa Tsamaya are so delicious they can make it on any radio station high rotation playlist. This album gets 9 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo, it is that good!

Trinity is his name


Botswana is fast emerging as a potential powerhouse for Southern Africa is AfroJazz. Afro Sunshine gave birth to this genre in Botswana decades ago. They were followed by Socca Moruakgomo, Banjo Mosele and Kgwanyape, followed by a drought of new artists in this genre for almost ten years. Since 2000, many artists doing this genre have emerged, to Monnamogolo’s delight. Amongst them Puna Gabasiane, Kayzee, Trevor, Mr Magic Diau, Trevor Mabua, Thusego, Nono, Kearoma, Shanti-Lo, Lister Boleseng and Thabang. The latter is not only a great young musician, but also an amazing producer. Trinity, his new artist bears testimony to that. Trinity’s album Theohang is the latest addition to the fast growing Botswana afrojazz catalogue. From the opening track Selabe to the tenth African Melody, one does not even need to skip a track. This album has a great mix of slow tempo, mid tempo and fast tempo tunes for the discerning listener. I have listened to it on repeat for days and still can’t pick my favourite tune, but Mothubana come tantanisingly close to being the one. The album gets 9 stars out of 10 from Monnamogolo!

Sensational Groovysouls

groovy souls

GROOVYSOULS profile reads like this, “as we know it today, A Groovysoul is a happy soul…This is a brand that represents complete tranquility, love and pure clean fun. The brand is Botswana born and is owned 100% by two young men who are, vibrant, ambitious and highly talented, Dunca Mogwe and Mbatsh Setimela. Groovysouls is an entertainment and promotion company which owns a Dj stable and a Clothing line, It was established in 2008 and officially registered in 2009, it has since been realized to be refreshing to the music industry and having  the potential to be one of the leading brands locally and internationally in the entertainment industry, especially house music as it is today. Given the slightest chance, Groovysouls can play on the international scene, competing against large lifestyle brands that have graced the stage for the past many years as it has proven to be the case locally. We in Groovysouls believe in creativity, loyalty and hard work, all these have been key to the company”…this profile does not lie folks, this DJ stable that includes Double_D, Cashmoney, Pro Sleet, Casper, Root and Mo Beatz is perhaps the fastest growing DJ crew since the House Junkies!

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