@ Judge 4 urself
(Zeus and Scar’s pictures side by side with gloves in between!)
Monnamogolo wasn’t going to do this story. But I changed my mind on Monday coz it’s a story made for The Voice! Last week, Scar and Tumie play Zeus’s new single, Tumie loves it, and Scar fakes a yawn. Zeus is NOT impressed and posts a comment on Facebook showing his displeasure. Scar posts his response on his Facebook page. The battle of Facebook comments goes back and forth. Rewind the hands of time back to January when I revealed this beef, I got insulted gotwe ke maka. I asked both guys through Facebook to tell me all, they have responded in the story below.
Zeus & Scar’s version
Scar’s Response
There is nothing to inbox. There is NOTHING going on between me and Zeus. I don’t have any “beef” with any one of Botswana artists.
Zeus’s response
Howzit chief; My side of the story is simple; I don’t understand what the issue is about and I said the same thing after you printed the first article about the so called “beef” which you had not asked for my comment before publishing, but clearly there is a problem coming from the other party. Last week’s on air incident (refer to my fan page) is testament to the fact that the man has a problem with me. I addressed both Scar as well as Yarona FM programs manager Owen Rampha stating my displeasure at Lebadi’s yawning while his co-host was giving my song props. I made it clear that I would like to know what his problem with me is and challenged him to a tell-all interview so we get to the bottom of this and air out any issues that seem to be lying under the surface in front of the public as I have nothing to hide…

I will end by saying that not too long ago Scar was my people; I even organized a gig at my old university campus in Gauteng bringing him and Stagga down, in fact I even tried getting him on some of the projects I was working on in SA including DJ Lemonka’s Motswako Tape Vol 1. I was about building with the man not hating and I can give you a long list of people that can testify to this. Things seemed to change after his fallout with my manager and business partner late last year who he used to work with too but thereafter he had unkind words about my colleague in his HUB magazine interview, making snide remarks about the management label and as he put it the “number one” artist on it. I honestly find this situation childish and unproductive; we are arguably the two most internationally recognized brands in Botswana hip hop we should be working together not against each other! We don’t have to be best buddies but we should be able to have a professional working relationship. I have communicated with Scar offering him a chance to solve this but he was more interested in giving me attitude so I will humbly move on knowing that I have done my best to remedy the situation. Again ain’t no beef coming from me, I have no reason to be mad at the man except for what I feel was the abuse of his platform on radio when he used it to address his personal grudge. I hope that this is the last mention of this petty argument and we move on to build our local hip hop and music industry as individuals and collectively.


@ Tumi’s Btv’s Oprah!
Btv is relaxing. A few years ago, the channel would not hire radio presenters from private commercial radio stations. That trend seems to have been abandoned with the hiring of high-flying Yarona Fm breakfast host Tumie Ramsden. I caught her last week hosting popular “Molemo Wa Kgang” and I must say big up to Btv management for realizing that their initial stance was somewhat prejudiced and flawed. It is very common worldwide for radio presenters to also host television programmes. Judging by the audience reaction and her demeanor, one would say that the show has benefited from this relationship.
@ Culture Spears Flashback
“Once Again Culture Spears has outdone itself in the music industry for its fans by upholding their presence at a constant. Here is a product dedicated to all who love our music. To all those who believe in cultural music and those with the spirit of togetherness and those who appreciate talent. Therefore, Culture Spears group would like to thank its devoted fans, supporters, families, relatives, everyone who contributed to their projects and career success for their support. Keep it up guys. May God be with us all.” Reads a Culture Spears special thank you message on their re-loaded debut album Korone that the group has now called “Flashback”. The songs have been re-done with a bit up-tempo feel with a new tune, Afrika 2010, which Kabelo says is a tribute their South African Fans who have supported them over the years.

@ Shabisto le Kgobe
Tshepo ‘T-Les’ Lesole continues to show his versatility as a producer on Shabisto’s latest album Kgobe. T-Les has lately proved that he can do all genres. Some of the big artists who are soon to release songs produced by him include Vs, Kgotla and Eureka. He programmed, engineered and mixed all of Shabisto’s 8 track album that can best be described as an Afro-pop album with sweet beats like Milo, Mmadisefo, Exee, Masenyeletsa. The beats are very sweet, but the singing could have been better. The album gets 8 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo.
For CD reviews on this page call yours truly @ 72842046!

@ Eunice is out
When the tough gets going, even the tough gets the axe. Eunice, who made it to the top 7 of Popstar 2007 failed to beat that achievement in My Star 2010 as she could only make it to the top 8. She was eliminated last week in one of the toughest battles yet in this year’s competition. She had to battle two of the competition’s favourites Kgalalelo and Stephanie. Tonite the competition gets into the top 6 as the grand finale, scheduled for the second weekend of July fast approaches. Kgalalelo and Galaletsang were the best performers last Friday.

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Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


Kgalalelo, Galaletsang and Kedibonye are my top 3!


if u choose to be a celeb, dnt complain. How du uthink media sell juo swine?


wt d’ u knw wena scar,u nt evn hlf f wt zeus z capabl ‘f,,…..siiiiiisss


grow up guyz u knw u a the kings of bots so stop it!!!scar pliz dnt hate



Dilo tsa bashianyana mo go lwelwang banyana aaagghh


Le santse le le basimanyana,tlogelang bogogoshane le opele,a le makgakga he banna……

t izzi

dudes.. u all aet. bt lebadi still the man. if sumhow he got bored then oviuzly zeus stil gat a lot 2 learn..


@t izzi
mr scar got ntn on the GREEK GOD ZEUS scar ke ngwana wa maabane!!!!!!!!!!!!