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Big, Bold and Beautiful

EXQUISITE: Winning dress by Ontiretse Malane

Masunga residents were last weekend treated to a unique fashion show as Big Mamas took over the ramp in an event dubbed “The big, The Bold and The beautiful”.

A first of its kind in the North East, the event showcased clothes from ten young designers whose projects are sponsored by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. Incidentally the same ministry also footed the bill for the fashion show.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment, 25-year-old Goratamang Tlholang who conceived and sold the idea to the MYSC said she was inspired by her love for clothes and the need to empower full figured

“The idea of using full figured women as models came about when I realised they are in a way treated like outcasts when it comes to showcasing fashion. It is my way of empowering them because I believe all women should be empowered and in doing this body size should not be an issue. I also love clothes especially traditional clothes and this inspired me too,” she said.

An aspiring business woman who at the moment trades in hotdogs and sandwiches, Tlholang says her dream is to grow the event and make it a national event.

“Next year I would be happy if we could have the event four times in Masunga and work at spreading it to other areas. It would be lovely to have big, bold and beautiful ladies modelling clothes by local designers in a national event,” the ambitious Tlholang told Voice entertainment.

Meanwhile Ontiretse Malane won the P1700-00 first prize. Thandiwe Major was second and pocketed P1200.00 whilst Dzidza Matopi who came third walked away with P700.00.