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BGCSE results show decline in student performance

NOT IMPRESSED: Prof Mokopakgosi

Botswana Examination Council (BEC) yesterday released the 2017 Botswana General Certificate (BGCSE) results amid concerns of diminishing performance by students.

A total number of 37 251 candidates wrote the 2017 examination showing an increase of 5.04% compared to 35 465 in 2016.

Since the BGCSE is subject a based certificate with no aggregation, the measure used to gauge the performance of candidates is of those who were awarded grade C or better in 5 syllabi.

This year 24.05% candidates were awarded grade C or better as compared to 25.46% in 2016 which shows a slight decline of 1.41%

Addressing the media this afternoon BEC Executive Secretary Professor Brian Mokopakgosi said they had challenges with the marking as they experienced standoff which delayed marking by two days.

He said the examiners were not happy with the new fees structure.

“We did it because we wanted to infuse efficiency into the marking exercise and attract as many examiners as possible. There are subjects in which we are struggling like Setswana to get the right numbers of examiners. If you don’t mark, you don’t earn, if you mark you earn and it has worked because we managed to release the results on time. This does not mean the fees are adequate and we will continue to work with other stakeholders given the resources available to improve their conditions,” said Mokopakgosi

He said the girls continue to outperform boys and that the trend has been going on for years.

Mokopakgosi said St Joseph’s College continues to top but their performance percentage has slightly gone down.

Nata Senior School on the other hand is the most improved and Shakawe Senior is also steadily going up.

Prof. Mokopakgosi said if there is any candidate not satisfied with the results, they have the right to query and have the paper remarked at their own cost within 6 weeks.


 With 5 credits or better.
1. St Joseph`s College  52.75%
2. Mater Spei College  39.95%
3. Ledumang   35.95%
4. Naledi   35.83%
5. Masunga  33.74%
6. Lotsane   32.00%
7. Selebi Phikwe 30.96%
8. Swaneng Hill  30.53%
9. Nata SSS 30.46%
10. Francistown SSS 28.43%
11. Mogoditshane  26.33%
12. Lobatse   26.04%
13. Kagiso  24.32%
14. Gaborone S.S. 24.00%
15. Letlhakane  23.92%
16. Shashe River School  23.39%
17. Moshupa  23.28%
18. Matshekge Hill  21.82%
19. Molefi  21.46%
20. Moeding College  20.64%
21. Tutume McConnell 20.45%
22. Mmadinare  20.16%
23. Maun   20.05%
24. Kgari Sechele  19.35%
25. Shakawe   19.27%
26. Madiba  18.96%
27. Seepapitso  18.42%
28. Ghanzi  15.80%
29. Moeng College  15.75%
30. Tsabong Unified   13.73%
31. Mahupu Unified  13.68%
32. Shoshong  13.29%
33. Matsha college  11.55%
34. Good-Hope  11.19%
NB. There are only 34 Government Senior Secondary Schools in the Country