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Was it love gifts or loans?… court to decide

Gaborone High court, is to decide on whether or not a claim of P132 250.00 leveled by an older woman against her younger ex-lover, was a love gift or a loan.

In a cohabitation conflict, which was heard in court this week, Gasenone Israel, 49, has reported her younger ex lover, Jacob Marapo, 38, for making away with her P132 250.00, which she claims was loaned to him during their two-year cohabitation period.

Israel has made several claims that add up to the mentioned amount. She maintained in court, through her attorneys from Maphakwane Legal firm that her ex- lover is a very untrustworthy person who financially used her and is now refusing to pay her back the loans.

“All he has ever brought home was an onion, a tomato and P15.00 worth of meat from Choppies store,” Israel had told court.

She was in fact refuting allegations by Marapo that the alleged loans were love gifts. Marapo had told court that, “our relationship was fine as she used to shower me with lots of gifts, including clothing as a sign of her love. At some point we intended to get married.”

Marapo had further alleged that, “at no point did I enter into any agreement for a loan with her or was there any expectation that I should return any money advanced to me. I also sometimes gave her money but to this day I never expected her to return same because the money exchanges were donations.”

Marapo is of the view that Israel is making demands because “she is bitter” and wants him back as her lover.

“She was not happy that I decided to terminate our relationship and she had pleaded with me not to leave her,” Marapo said in court.

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DUPED: Israel

However, Israel’s attorney, Maphakwane dismissed the “love gift tale,” as an after thought and reminded Marapo that he had previously told the court that indeed he had received money from Israel, though he refuted one of the alleged loans amounting to P50 000.

Maphakwane told court that Marapo was lying under oath as he kept changing his defense.

He said before the previous court, Marapo had said the P50 000 was given to him as a start up capital for small business, and he had now changed his tune and alleges it was given out of love and compassion and he used some of the money to help Israel finish her Mogoditshane house.

Israel alleged that she completed her house with her money because Marapo never contributed anything at home besides the less than P20 relish he once brought from Choppies.

“You had a habit of disappearing whenever you were asked about the loan and appearing after some time. You abused the trust and used her to fraudulently get money from her,” Israel’s lawyer told the court.

Judgement is expected in September this year. Marapo is represented by Onalethata Kambai of Kambai attorneys in this matter.

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