So I gathered that a whole lot of people enjoyed my last article “IT’S A CYCLE” because I got a whole lot of feedback on facebook and not forgetting the many comments we had on the “Youth Affair Show” this past Thursday.  

It was actually mind opening and quite informative that guys texted us and let us know why they play around and later come to their senses and expect their girlfriends or wives to accept them wholeheartedly.
And a disturbing thing that I discovered is that the talk that my sister gave me is actually true. There are many women who know that their partners cheat on them but they still stay in these relationships while some say ba itlhoboglile.

Imagine those who are married, they are faced with a whole lot of challenges, they are told to respect their husbands regardless, told never to ask a man about his whereabouts, told that a woman should have sex on the command of her husband even when she doesn’t want to have sex… heish, ruri bomme ba mo mathateng.

Maybe culture also has contributed to this behavior and manner, actually, I shouldn’t even be saying maybe, culture does have a huge influence in such things. Something needs to be done I tell you!
Anyhow, a friend of mine who had listened to the previous show we had on radio asked me what I thought about the irony of being the other other girl. You know there are some ladies who go into relationships with guys or men who have girlfriends or wives.

They are told at the beginning so as to make things clear and some unfortunately find out that they are small houses weeks or even months into the relationship but because of the emotional attachment that they have developed with the man, they end up staying with this married or engaged man. We all know how emotional females are, it’s actually regarded as our biggest weakness.

I’m guessing  after a month or so of being with this man, even though the man is already taken, they just can’t let go. You know come to think of it, most ladies get called these insulting names because really they were not told the entire truth, basadi ba modimo ba a bo ba ne ba sa itse gore banna ba ke ba batho.

Anyhow, now back to what my dear friend said. You know since I’ve been going on about the “other girl” and how some of them don’t mind it. It actually gets amazing when the man finds another “other girl”. The small house lady will actually get more furious than the wife, which I find ironic and a bit hypocritical. I mean if you are a small house, it should probably click that the man you are involved with is a womanizer so really it shouldn’t bother you when he finds another small house, right? Well, this is why the small house boils up when this happens:

When you agree to become a small house, the agreement is that there is the main woman, the wife, and then there is you. Now they don’t mind this because the two, the wife and the small house are on two different levels therefore there isn’t competition. You know the wife is the home lady, the one who takes care of the kids, the one who irons the man’s clothes and feeds the man to make sure he is productive at work and makes money.

While you the small house, you are the one to be spoilt, you are the one to spend his money that the wife helped to make by taking good care of the man, the one to prevent the man from getting a divorce because you excite him and he’s always going home happy so any problems at home don’t bother him and well some small houses actually do really care about the man.

So really when the man shops for another small house, he now has someone of the same caliber as you, the original small house. He now has someone who he places at the very same level that you are at, that’s why the other girl gets furious when “another other” is found. It just implies that you are nothing special really, you are just like the rest. This will just continue to be a cycle of other girls and well the only special lady in this network will of course be the main girlfriend or the wife… What do you think?

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Chris M

This is just sheer disgust! People have no shame! Ah!


Your shallow analysis of the matter has totally ruined the article. Had you sat down with some of these small houses you would know that there is a whole world out there bigger than “spending his money, that the wife helped him make.”


Heavenly Father, have mercy on lost souls. Ladies, why do you allow yourselves to go through such emotional hell? Gents why do you cheat on your wives? Those are the consequences of self-love. True love can never come with weapons of destruction. You cheat on wife, you destroy your family. A true sanctified marriage consists of a woman and a man, who respect and love God above all and then, each other. God created marriage so we multiply; for the propagation of HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Yo o batla go nyala, go nyalwa ke eng o sa nne hela until the… Read more »


Ladies to avoid emotional hell,courtship is good. You involve batsadi gore o bone maikaelelo a monna sentle, ebile ha ese ene o tla mmona ditloga. Adultery has caused so much damage into our society, mankind is suffering due to fornication, adultery and lewdness. Read about a true sanctified marriage on the New Bible:jesus4youdotnet God says:’How awful the effects of wantonness in man and woman are, can be noted from your immediate surroundings; have an unbiased look around you and do not fall into self-deceptive blindness or fancifulness; for whether mental homes or asylums for disabled people, criminality, subversive acts of… Read more »


No one is cheating on their wives. The wives are the ones who have lost touch with reality. They ration sex and they have turned their husbands into beasts of burden, who get affection only when the cheque clears or there is a salary and groceries in the house. Men don’t like to cheat. The other woman makes life easy. Well at least until she starts having demands. These small houses are not trouble free. They also have their own flames who most of the time are useless single men who father children like Nchindo!! They have no clue how… Read more »


Tubeless eo ke efangele ya boaka hela. God created woman and man that means wife and husband, they become one body, one soul, one spirit. no adultery, third party comes in, it’s adultery! God says that:’…at the beginning of this MERCIFUL CREATION ON EARTH I set up what enables you to build up within a single earthly life a TEMPLE FOR MY HOLY SPIRIT: MARRIAGE'(New Bible; chapter5) ‘For I THE LORD have given humans the sexual instinct in order that they multiply according to MY HOLY WILL while imploring My Benediction, instead of squandering this impulse in the gutter of… Read more »


I agree wt u Coco ths article is not well researched, d writer shud hav consulted ol those involved to have a balance perception, dat is d wife, d husband, and d small house. They cud hav enlightened us on why t happens, hw they fil bot t nd hw wifes cn avoid t in d 1st place.


i’m feeling pity of young ladies who cn stay in dis affairs.i once found myself in such n affair whn i was wth a man 4 almost a yr.whn he approched me he said he’v part ways with his sons mum.whn i realisesd dis i requested 2 part ways wth him but he refused.all i said 2 myself was devil is a liar.i’m going 2 get out of dis affair.we had misunderstndings as he was too principled nd he usualy accused me of cheating s i no longer cald,smzd him.1 day i told him dat i’l cal de numba i… Read more »


the voice we need news not these bring that theft case of 1.9 metre what is going on with it cops involved aish mapodise a rona ke nmathata if it is not dancing it is fraud.


Married man wants to be appreciated and if u are married and u do not do anything in the house just to fold yr arms and say the maid will do every thing,man also need to have power over a woman thats y they help themselfs ka bo maid.


A.I.D.S is just 2 cm 4rm their horny pipi kwakwakwakikiki.