Home Business BECI to host first Prague club conference in Africa

BECI to host first Prague club conference in Africa

BECI to host first Prague club conference in Africa
TALKING INSURANCE: Habana addressing the media

31Conference to put Botswana on the global map

Export Credit Insurance and Guarantee Company (Botswana) (BECI) will from the 9th to the 14th April 2017, host the Berne Union (BU) Prague Club Committee (PCC) Spring Meeting in Kasane.

The first one ever held in Africa, the meeting will be held under the theme ‘To Grow Capacity, Support and Market Intelligence for Local Exporters, SMEs and Traders in High risk Environments’.

The BU-PPC spring meeting is expected to tackle issues concerning political risk, trade finance and credit insurance, which includes underwriting, claims management, product innovations, reinsurance and country risk.

Other issues to be discussed at the five day event include African business environment and working with local partners to better manage disruptions in commodity, upcoming elections and the challenge of corruption.

The insurance company expects to host BU’s 83 Member companies from 73 Countries who will explore the local culture, heritage and natural environment of Botswana.

These include government-backed Export Credit Agencies (ECA), Private Insurers and Multilateral Agencies representing all aspects of the industry worldwide from regional credit insurers serving small local exporters, to the world’s largest insurance companies and multilateral development finance institutions.

The other 37 members of the PCC are a diverse collection of new and maturing export credit insurers from Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central and Southeast Asia.

“This is a unique opportunity for BECI as an Export Credit Insurer and also for Botswana as a nation. It casts a spotlight on us as it’s a first time in Africa for most of the PPC members,” stated BECI General Manager, Cowell Habana at their offices in Finance Park Gaborone last week.

Habana shared that in 2015 alone, PCC members’ collectively insured USD 31 billion of exports, providing increased capacity, support and market intelligence for local exporters, SMEs and traders in high risk markets.

The Berne Union (BU), which BECI subscribes to, is the leading association for the global export credit and investment insurance industry while the Prague Club Committee (PCC) is a forum for information exchange, education and business networking amongst small and emerging providers of export credit and investment insurance schemes and facilities.