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BDP mp’s threat to kill row

BDP mp's threat to kill row
MP's: Arone & Majaga (L-R)

Arone and Majaga reported to police in fight over yellowbone

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) legislators, Bagalatia Arone and Polson Majaga may soon find themselves in court for allegedly threatening to kill a man for his girlfriend.

The threatened man, Mogae Lekau, opened a threat-to-kill case marked CASE CR NO: 472/05/2017 at Gaborone West Police station on May 14th.

Particulars of the case indicate that the incident happened at night, just a day before the report was made.

This was after Lekau, who had allegedly warned Arone to stop seeing his girlfriend, received a phone call from an aggressive sounding Okavango MP who is said to have used life-threatening words against him.

It is alleged that drama started with Arone proposing love to Lekau’s girlfriend, a buxom yellowbone beauty seemingly in her mid twenties, sometime back in March and proceeded to shower her with presents and lunch dates before Lekau found out.

Speaking in an interview this week, Lekau said, “ Talk to the police and not me. I did report both Arone and Majaga to the police after they harassed me and threatened to kill me.

The Police are handling the matter so call them for more information and leave me alone,” said Lekau before he hung up the phone.

According to a source close to the case, Majaga allegedly uttered the words “ke tlago bolaya saan, o bata eng mo braeng yaaka.” (Ill kill you, what do you want from my brother?”

BDP mp's threat to kill row
BDP mp’s threat to kill row

Whilst Arone allegedly uttered the words “ke go kgalemeletse go ntshala morago. Le sa go ntsenya lesukuru ke tla go bolaya gaonkitse.” “ I have warned you against harassing me. Ill kill you, you don’t know me.”

The Voice has also been leaked short messages allegedly sent by Arone to Lekau apologizing for the phone call and for the advances he made on his girlfriend.

Reached fro comment Majaga said. “I do not know anything about that. Please go to the relevant office for a comment.”

For his part Arone said, ” I have no business in Gaborone. If there is anything you want to talk to me about come to my constituency.”

BPS public relations manager, Witness Bosija said he will revert back to The Voice on the matter by time of going to press but never did.

Gaborone west police station however confirmed the case but said that only the PR office has the mandate to discuss the matter.

The woman at the centre of the controversy did not with to comment.