Home Other News “BDP mercenaries want me dead”-Moswaane

“BDP mercenaries want me dead”-Moswaane

WORRIED: Moswaane

MP slams a WhatsApp group wishing him dead

Francistown West Member of Parliament (MP) Ignatius Moswaane is fuming.

The MP flipped his lid over a leaked conversation in an unofficial Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) WhatsApp group in which party members discussed his apparent and imminent death.

The firebrand MP lost his cool after some democrats expressed their wish for his quick demise in a conversation that insinuated that the MP was sickly and on the verge of dying and therefore not someone to worry about in the coming primary elections.

“BDP always preaches love, unity and respect but we have these useless and good for nothing groupies who thrive on sowing seeds of hatred amongst BDP members, so I am not surprised by their malice. These are mercenaries, hired guns who survive by getting paid every election to cause confusion.

“They are always wishing for bye-elections because that’s the only time they make money. They wish for people to die so that fresh elections can be held and they can cash in,” Moswaane shot back
The MP said he knows most of the people in the group but has no personal relationship with them.

“They are cursing themselves. In the Mighty name of Jesus I return those evil words they uttered back to them. What kind of heartless human beings are they who openly wish death on another man? Said the emotionally charged MP before he went on to explain that he was going to lodge a formal complaint with BDP leadership on what he termed a “satanic gathering with the sole aim of character assassinating unsuspecting democrats.”

“This group is unlawful and should not be using the party name when its sole goal is to attack other members. They should apologise and retract their evil statements,” he said.

Asked to comment on the conversation, which was circulating on social media at the time of going to press, Party Secretary General, Mpho Balopi requested for questions to be texted to him but later phoned to say he did not know anything about the matter and referred queries to Thapelo Pabalinga, the communications and international relations chairperson whose phone was off at the time.