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BDP leadership await report on Serowe elders’ meeting

THREESOME: Khama and Moyo have endorsed Venson-Moitoi

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) will wait for a full report from Serowe branch before deciding on what action to take in regard to the meeting that was called by Pelonomi Venson Moitoi’s faction on Sunday.

The meeting which was called by party elders who apparently wanted clarity on how the Central region came to endorse President Mokgweetsi Masisi over Moitoi was attended by amongst others Moitoi, Samson Guma Moyo, former President Ian Khama, candidate for BDP Deputy Secretary General, Roselyn Pansira and some councillors.

In an interview with The Voice, Secretary of the Communications and International Relations, Batlhalefi Leagajang, said that they were aware of the said meeting.

“The meeting has been mentioned and we understand it has been called by what has been termed ‘party elders’ in the constituency. According to the constitution, meetings are called by established structures. The cell, ward, branch, regional and central committee.”

Leagajang, said that at this stage they cannot say whether any action will be taken or not. “But what is clear is that the constitution is being contravened. The logical thing would be for the Central Committee to receive a report from the Branch then take it from there,” he said.

President Masisi was reluctant to shed light on the matter as he said he was not aware of what exactly was happening. “I will wait for the party to give me a report and I’ll take it from there,” he said.

ATTENTIVE: Some of the elders who attended the meeting