Home Court Stories BDP councilor’s wife sued for P14 700 debt

BDP councilor’s wife sued for P14 700 debt

BDP councilor’s wife sued for P14 700 debt
SUED: Grace

Three Francistown residents have turned to the Small Claims Court after the wife of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor for Kanana ward, Cornelius Gopolang, failed to settle their respective debts on time.

According to court papers, Grace Gopolang owes a cumulative P14 700 after failing to settle the three applicants’ debts on time.

The three are Walter Machola, Gloria Aguiar and Keidiretse Sediba whom Grace allegedly entered into different agreements with.

Machola is demanding P4 100 from Grace for failing to pay him after providing construction services.

According to court papers, Machola rendered his construction services on a date, month and year not given.

The second applicant, Aguiar is claiming a sum of P3 100 paid to Grace as rentals for leased premises at Block 7 location in Francistown.

Aguiar had allegedly entered into a written agreement with Grace for the purposes of utilizing her premises.

Aguiar claimed that she paid P3 100 to Grace, as rental fees to use her premises as a hair salon and boutique but that was never to be.

In the third application, Sediba is demanding a sum of P7 500 plus costs, as outstanding balance for the construction of two houses belonging to Grace.

Sediba, who did not show up in court last Friday, claimed in his filing affidavits that he provided his services to Grace in July 2016. Despite demand, the three applicants argued, Grace has failed, refused or neglected to settle their respective debts.

To that end, the three have personally issued out summons claiming the debt.

Grace has no legal representative and has pleaded not guilty to first two lawsuits while the third one was expected to be heard separately this week since Sediba was absent last Friday.

Francistown magistrate Jennifer Chikate presided over the matter.