A Botswana Democratic Party Councillor for Thito ward in Maun, Mmoedi Modiegi has lambasted the North West District Council’s decision to form a partnership with Hultsfred Municipality of Sweden.

Debating Council Chairman’s speech, Modiege argued that that the partnership between the two Councils was a waste of money and useless.

Modiegi said that the partnership would  not in any way  benefit the NWDC because the Council could only afford to send a few employees to Sweden for benchmarking purposes.

Demanding that the  NWDC be briefed on all costs  incurred during the Sweden trip Modiege said: “It would be better, and cost effective  if we benchmarked against  Namibia for example where all councillors could go using a single bus instead of having a situation whereby we have to fly three people to a country that we can hardly learn anything  from.

”Modiege further argued that Sweden roads were not something that Ngamiland could copy because the country was way too advanced and the terrains and weather conditions way too different.

He was responding to Council Chairman, Lathang Molonda’s remarks that the twinning programme with Hultsfred Municipality was progressing well.

“As you are aware the main area for cooperation is Local Economic Development on poverty alleviation through capacity building in the informal sector in the district,” he had said

Molonda had also noted that as a follow up to the training of trainers which was held in September 202, the NWDC lead team went to Sweden on the 2nd to 10th March 2013 to discuss the project progress as per the agreement between the two parties.

The  council, Malonda said had the opportunity to send six more officers to Sweden to be trained as Trainer of Trainers by 2014 to widen the knowledge base of officials for them to deliver more efficient service to the identified projects.

“This is an advantageous move to us since we will have created a pool of officers with essential business skills that will go a long way in capacitating the informal sector even after the project life span.”

Molonda, Deputy Council Secretary (Technical) Motlogelwa Thuso and Senior Public Relations Officer, Wada Motsamai were the only  councill employees who have  travelled to Sweden  so far.

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Pharra Phatshwa

tota mokhanselara o raya go ithutiwa eng fela mo Namibia, kana o raya fela gore gongwe a tle a tlhole masika kwa Katutura?


mokhasenlara o tlhoka thuto, there nothing wrong with benchmarking ko Sweeden if its budgeted for. kana le bone ba simolotse fela jaaka rona


The councilor is right, u cant bencmark with ppl who live a very different lifestyle from yours. The NWDC is a big failure to begin with, cz they r failing t do the basics, so they cant start talkin of wat Sweeden is doing. Implementation is going t be a problem. There is never money in Botswana, so e tla re gotwe ba implemente o bo o utlwa ba simolla ba re ga gona madi. Ba pallwa ke go dira sum simple prorjects tse di tlhokang mere common sense, for which they don need training ya makgowa. Let them do… Read more »


Hi guys!Benchmarcking from others is a good practice, but we should take note of some aspects before choosing a specific individual(s) from whom you will be ‘copying’ from. Sweden is advanced in developments hence its posible for us to benchmark from her but its NOT ideal. We can copy but we will not be able to workout what we got from them since we are not facing similar challenges. The challenges that they have are not the same with ours this side. We should be trying first with countries around us before going far. Ga go padile, or if beating… Read more »