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BDF lesbians accused of rape

BDF lesbians accused of rape
FILE PIC: A female soldier on duty

Police are investigating a case in which two BDF soldiers (names known to this publication) are implicated in raping a 27-year-old unemployed woman from Ramokgwebana.

The two officers from Ratshosa and Mahikana ward in Kanye were arrested on Monday at Glen Valley Barracks where they are based.

Information gathered by this publication has indicated that the two former Double Action Football team players aged 24 and 26, using a fake penis, raped a civilian on Sunday night leaving her with pains in her private parts.

The victim, The Voice has learnt, was apparently in a relationship with the 24-year-old private and had gone to spend the night at the barracks when the incident happened.

“At the barracks, the two lovers had sex, but soon after they had finished, the 26-year-old, who was also in the room, jumped on top of the civilian without the victim’s consent.

The dominant partner in the lesbian relationship did not stop her friend from raping her lover, which is why police arrested her, too, as an accomplice, “a source close to the case revealed.

Meanwhile, Broadhurst Police Station Commander, Superintendent Obusitswe Lokae, confirmed having arrested two BDF officers in connection with rape.

“The reason we arrested both of them is because we suspect that it was a planned thing by the two officers, if not, why didn’t the partner stop her friend?” he asked.

The police officer further noted that the two were detained and released the following day after questioning.

Efforts to get a comment from the BDF failed, as our questionnaire was not responded to at the time of going to press.