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BCP defector blames boko

BCP defector blames boko
HOPEFUL: Mogatusi

*” Yes there are issues at UDC” Saleshando

A recent Botswana Congress Party (BCP) defector to the Botswana Democratic Party has blamed Botswana National Front (BNF) president, Duma Boko for mass resignation from BCP.

Giving a speech at her welcome event to her new political home, former BCP Women’s wing Secretary General, Yvonne Nnanabo Mogatusi blamed Boko for the mass resignation of BCP members.

Describing Boko as a dictator who does not consult his members when dealing with party matters, Mogatusi said, “There is a big brother in the house where I come from, I did not resign because BCP has a problem. No! The problem is where BCP is now, which is the UDC.”

Asked to elaborate further in a side interview with The Voice, Mogatusi said that Boko was a dictator who takes unilateral decisions concerning the coalition without consultation.

“You can imagine that while I was the Secretary General for BCP women’s league; I never met with Boko or sat in a meeting with him. He does not even know me. BCP is being used to prop other parties in the Umbrella at the expense of its own progress. I feel for its President, Dumelang Saleshando,” said Mogatusi before adding that BCP was being slowly but surely obliterated in the Southern part of Dibete.

BCP defector blames boko

When asked about the allegations made by her former comrade, Saleshando confirmed that there were indeed worrisome issues within the umbrella.

“There are issues that still need to be addressed at UDC but it is not the right time to talk about them. I cannot publicly discuss them,” Saleshando said in his short response.
Boko did not respond to questions posed to him.

Meanwhile, BDP Women’s League Chairperson, Dorcus Makgatho said that her party is engaged in a vigorous recruitment drive which is not only targeting the BCP but all opposition parties.

When welcoming 75 new members on Tuesday night, Makgatho who is also the Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs said that they were out to make sure that they recruit as many talented individuals as possible to their fold.

“We are not only going to target opposition parties, we will even go for those who are not aligned to any party.”