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Bank of Baroda donate to Marapong school

Bank of Baroda donate to Marapong school
HANDING OVER CEREMONY: The P50, 000 cheque

Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology Assistant Minister, Fidelis Molao last Friday called on teachers to produce good results to show appreciation to donors who help them out.

Speaking after witnessing Bank of Baroda officials present goods worth P50, 000 to John Nswazwi CJSS in Marapong, Molao, who is also the area MP, said, “Donors give to your organisation because they believe you are making a difference in a cause they care about.

“They value your work and want to help you change the world. Their gifts are an investment in the work they expect you to accomplish. Results are the best way to show your appreciation for you donors!”

On another note, Molao encouraged other business houses to take cue from Bank of Baroda and invest in education.

“Government cannot manage alone. We need and appreciate help from busineasses,” stressed the MP, who praised the Bank for their ‘benevolent gesture to the school’.

Amongst the items presented to the school were two television sets for students and the staff, white boards, a pair of decoders, overhead projectors and a video camera.

Meanwhile in his speech, Bank of Baroda Managing Director, Ravindra Patel said his organisation accepts the responsibility of giving back to the society they do business in.

“Any organisation earning profits is duty bound to share it amongst various stake holders. Bank of Baroda believes in giving back to the society and has been fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility obligations by partnering with institutions in areas of education, health and culture,” Patel told his audience.

“We do not see this donation as charity but our duty towards society to improve the quality of life in the long run,” Patel added.

Bank of Baroda has a three-year agreement with John Nswazwi CJSS, which began last year and in which they have pledged to spend P50, 000 annually on the school’s needs.

For his part, School Head, Thabo Lowani promised that his school would make the most of the gesture and produce the best results they can.