Bad friday for grumpy grandpa

Christinah Motlhabane
GRUMPY: Phelembu

Apparently unable to get over his ex, Good Friday turned into a Bad Friday for a frustrated 52-year-old Francistown man, who was arrested over the Easter holidays for allegedly threatening to kill his former flame.

Appearing before the Magistrates Court on Tuesday, it was heard this was not the first time Ndiko Phelembu had caused trouble for his ex-lover since their break-up in November last year.

He is accused of turning up at 48-year-old Kelebileone Kesebonye’s Monarch home on 7 April and, after a short argument, reportedly warned her, “Today I am going to deal with you; I am going to kill you!”

According to the Investigating Officer (IO), Kesotlegile Munaani, the suspect has previous when it comes to threatening Kesebonye’s life.

“It is not the first time for the accused to threaten the victim and we have the matter before Central Police. The victim said she had applied that the accused does not contact her, but he keeps coming to her place,” the IO told court when seeking Phelembu’s detainment.

Munaani pointed out there is a real possibility the accused will try to make good on his threat if set free.

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Begging for bail, Phelembu revealed he was staying with his little boy whose mother is away in South Africa.

“There is no one to look after him should I be sent to jail,” he said.

Promising to behave, the suspect added, “I will not kill that person and I will not go to her place. Please release me; I will always come to court when needed.”

He further explained he only went round to Kesebonye’s place to retrieve door frames which he had long bought for her but which she has not used.

“I found a buyer for the doors since she is not using them and they are getting damaged just lying about useless. Anyway, I will leave the doors and I will not talk to her when I see her,” concluded Phelembu, who also resides in Monarch.

It was not enough to win his freedom, however, with the Magistrate remanding him in custody for at least two weeks, when he will return to court for mention.

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Leaving for prison, the grumpy granddad had a few choice words for The Voice’s photographer as she hurriedly snapped his picture!

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