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Bad father whipped

Bad father whipped

BDP councillor lashed and jailed for ignoring child -maintenance court order

Lotlhakane West councilor, Barati Gaapare was last week humiliated in public by being arrested and brutally lashed on his bare buttocks before he was jailed for contempt of court.

The BDP youthful coucillor was arrested for failing to obey a court order to appear before a Kanye Magistrate to answer for charges of neglecting his children’s financial welfare.

Gaapare, 30, was given six strokes of the cane on his bare buttocks, and detained for three days as punishment for the offence.

Lotlhakane East village chief, who also happens to be an uncle to the councilor, confirmed that indeed the young man was arrested and disciplined.

Speaking in an interview, Keagalemang Gaapare, 66, said that his nephew was put in trouble by two baby mamas whose children he had failed to support financially over the years.

The councilor has an 8-year-old son, with a 25-year-old hairdresser, Tlotlo Lemme and a three-year-old daughter with another woman, Ontlametse Mothupinyana, (26).

Describing the incident as an embarrassment to the family and to the party, Chief Keagalemang explained that the young coucillor had long planned to take away the children from their mothers to live with them but never got round to doing it.

“He had expressed fears that both mothers could use the maintenance money for their own benefit at the expense of the children’s welfare but we are yet to discuss the issue with him as family members,” said the chief.

The mother to the boy, Lemme said the young father was ordered to pay a P500 monthly child maintenance allowance in June 2016.

“He has not paid for the past 14 months and the arrears have accumulated to a P7 000.00. He was ordered to show up in court on numerous occasions, but never complied since the day I reported him,” she said.

The other disgruntled baby- mama was owed P13; 500 dating back to 2015 when she reported the councilor to the court soon after their relationship had ended.

“The court ordered him to pay a P500 monthly installment and buy the child clothes for not less than P1 000 seasonally, but he didn’t comply,” she said.

In fact the irresponsible father ignored his obligations until his daughter was thrown out of pre- school for school fees non-payment.

“He only paid the first term school fees and stopped so I have taken the child out of school and sent her to Moshupa to live with the grannies,” she said.

When questioned about the canning and his child maintenance drama, Gaapare confirmed having children with both Mothupinyana and Lemme but refused to comment on the corporal punishment.

Moshupa police Station Commander, Superintendent Oteng Ngada confirmed that Gaapare was detained on September 08th and released on the 11th.

“It is matters that are already before the court, but he has since been released,” said the police boss.