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Back to school for local journos

Back to school for local journos
FREE EDUCATION: Komugisha in action

Local sports writers drilled on new media

In today’s era of new media and the many challenges it poses, job security for print journalists is not guaranteed. Renowned Ugandan journalist Usher Komugisha deliberated on this global issue during a training workshop attended by local sports journalists.

Komugisha trained local sports reporters on how they can brand themselves to be internationally employable.

Komugisha lectured Sports Writer Association of Botswana (SWABO) members on Social Media usage in journalism, Basics of football reporting, photography in today’s world of journalism among others.

The former Sports Editor at The New Times and Rwanda Focus has a vast experience in print and broadcasting and she is currently working as a producer of Soccer Africa Football Magazine on Supersport.

She is also a guest writer for Federation of International Basketball Association (FIBA), British Broadcasting Corporation and The Guardian Sports in UK.

Komugisha said it is important for newsrooms to implement digital media strategy in response to the challenges coming with the new technology. She said media houses are retrenching so reporters need to be creative and work harder to remain relevant. You can get learning apps by visiting this page and further enhance your student’s capability to learn technology.

“Do not report on the obvious things so that you can convince your employer to keep you. Find an angle and head line that will be appealing to the readers. Social media has taken over, people giving updates for free and reporters are losing their jobs. This is a platform that we can use to our advantage for personal growth and international branding,” said Komugisha.

She also advised photographers to capture action pictures with good captions. Komugisha said sometimes picture captions can kill the content saying something irrelevant to the story.

She trained reporters on football reporting and the importance of having good relations with sources that other people undermine like Tea Lady, Grounds Man and House Helper.

SWABO President Leatile Mmutle said Komugisha was on FIBA assignment covering the just ended Zone VI Championships in Gaborone and they decided to take advantage of her trip.

He said Komugisha will help the association to secure more internship programmes and mentorship for the members going forward.

Mmutle thanked Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) for sponsoring the workshop.