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Baby sitting Women’s wing president misses first media brief

Baby sitting Women's wing president misses first media brief
SECRETARY GENERAL: Resego Kgosidintsi

President of Botswana National Front’s women’s league missed the wing’s very first press conference Wednesday morning because she was baby sitting.

The 58- year -old Dorcus Mothusi told The Voice in an interview that she would have attended the media briefing but she had to take care of her two weeks old grandson while the mother of the child went for medical care.

“Domestic duties are one of the challenges for us women in politics. However generally I am always available to do my political assignments,” Mothusi stated.

Together with fellow BNF women, Mothusi was elected to lead woman’s wing and advocate for political empowerment of women.

Her colleague, in the league, secretary general, Resego Kgosidintsi stated that they will rigorously campaign for women because they are aware that women are usually at a disadvantage when it comes to political affairs.

“Our mandate is to try and incorporate women in a male dominant political space. Shortage of women representatives in politics is a national crisis and we intend to go house to house campaigning for our women candidates,” Kgosidintsi stated.

She regretted that her party has not been able to field a single woman parliamentary candidate for 2019 general elections, but suggested that going forward, they will set up political desks in local tertiary institution to target young women and encourage them to take leadership roles in politics.

“We took a deliberate decision to invite grand daughter of the late Albertina Sisulu, Ntsiki Sisulu to speak during our gala dinner scheduled for Tonota in October. She will speak about women’s involvement in politics and governance,” Kgosidintsi added.

Global Gender Gap Index 2017, which was released in January this year, ranked Botswana 122nd out of 144 countries, owing to its overly male dominated parliament.

Currently Botswana has five female MPs out of 63 seats in parliament. All the five are members of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.

BNF had one female Parliamentarian, Same Bathobakae who unfortunately passed away last in 2017. She has since been replaced by a male MP, Masego Segokgo.