‘Baby mama drama’
‘Baby mama drama’

Emerging hip-hop talent Nic MC (Nicolas Ramakgai) has released a new song, an energetic tuneful collaboration with Daddy Crazzie, called ‘Baby Mama Drama’.

According to the 21-year-old hip-hop artist, who originates from Mokobilo, the track, which combines hip-hop and dance hall, is about the moment when a man has a baby with a lady then they split up and the lady starts repeatedly harassing the man.

The track, recorded at Amazon Studios in Serowe, is a promotional CD, which Nic MC hopes will help him penetrate the market.

The ambitious youngster is currently studying Transport Management and Logistics at BA Isago University, a course he hopes will help him with distribution and production of his material in future years.

Nic MC, who counts P Mac as his inspiration, intends to drop a single every month – starting with ‘Ba nkgata ka dinao’ at the end of this month up until November when he hopes to release his album.

It is an ambitious undertaking but the singer is confident, claiming that he is ‘here to stay’.

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