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More baby joy for Sebego

More baby joy for Sebego

They are counted amongst the power couples in Gaborone and are regularly featured in local newspapers.

Now it appears loved up couple Mr and Mrs Sebego are expecting another baby.

A radiant Mrs Sebego recently posted a picture of herself cradling a very visible baby bump.

Known for joking about her big family – which with the imminent arrival will rise to eight children in total – Mma Sebego and her husband are famous for their public displays of affection, especially on Facebook.

She once joked on her Facebook wall that she’d soon have enough kids to start her own soccer team.

A staunch Township Rollers supporter, who according to her husband’s social media posts doesn’t take kindly to her team’s losses, the yummy mummy may just get her wish with the new baby coming – indeed she already has enough for a seven-a-side team!

Shaya would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the couple and would like to suggest names for the new born.

If it’s a boy name him Mara, if a girl, Rama – what do you think?