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BAAA-D news for suspected goats thieves

BAAA-D news for suspected goats thieves
SUSPECTS: Siwela (yellow top) and Mbereki

Francistown Magistrate Kaveri Kapeko will in a fortnight make a ruling on a bail application by two men charged with stealing 55 goats valued at P66, 000.

28-year-old Alister Mbereki, a Motswana and 34-year-old Zimbabwean, Agent Siwela, both residents of Sebina, allegedly stole the goats belonging to one Mokwadi Mokgethi at Mautlakgang lands last week.

They were arrested after attempting to sell the stock to an unnamed businessman using an affidavit bearing a stolen Tatitown Police date stamp used for proof of ownership of the goats.

Testifying for the state, inspector Fredrick Seboko of Tatitown Police stock theft unit, said the duo should be kept in jail as police investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

He expressed concern that freeing the alleged goat thieves was likely to compromise police enquiries.

Seboko went on to point out that Siwela is likely to flee the country because he is a foreigner.

On another note, Seboko told the court that if Siwela receives bail he was likely to help three of his homeboys, who are wanted in connection with the case, evade arrest and justice.

Dismissing the Zimbabwean’s claims that he should be freed as he was only hired to drive the goats and did not know they were stolen as hogwash, the Inspector told court that evidence gathered by the cops shows that Siwela knows more about the matter than he is prepared to admit.

“He never missed a step. He was there in the planning stage and at the time the goats were stolen. He even drove the goats through heavy rain to the businessman who was supposed to buy them. I believe he has a lot of questions to answer!”

Meanwhile authorities have launched investigations into how the alleged thieving pair got the police date stamp and pad, which were reportedly recovered from Mbereki’s house.