Home Business Ba Isago drills area W’s future Entrepreneurs

Ba Isago drills area W’s future Entrepreneurs

Ba Isago drills area W's future Entrepreneurs

Itekeng ward Vision 2018 well on track

Aspiring young entrepreneurs in Francistown’s Itekeng ward, particularly Area W will take part in a ‘Business Empowerment Programme where they will be assisted with business planning, secretarial services in company registration and mentored on marketing among others.

The programme is a partnership between Ba Isago University and Itekeng Ward under the leadership of Councilor Lesego Kwambala.

Aspiring business men and women will be equipped with basic skills of entrepreneurship by Ba Isago University Business, Marketing, and Accounting lecturers.

The launch of the programme on Thursday is in line with Itekeng Ward’s Vision 2018 conceived by Kwambala who hit the ground running immediately after winning general elections in 2014.

The vision as outlined in the Ward’s website intends to bring about social change and community empowerment.

This according to Kwambala would be achieved through the establishment of Itekeng Market Area, Information Centres and sponsorship of arts festivals.

With the Annual Kwambala Cup, Kwambala Festival and other outreach programmes alraedy in place, the youthful Councillor said it was now time to move to the next phase of empowering young people academically.

In an exclusive interview with Voice Money Kwambala said his concern has always been that while they are making a lot of effort to capacitate young people in the area, the challenge has always been how and where young people can access critical information needed to make it in this competitive industry.

He said in a ward that has a high unemployment and crime rate, they had to think outside the box to help young people to re-focus and become independent.

“We approached Ba Isago University who are always willing to help,” he said.

Kwambala said in the programme about 50 young people will be selected and mentored for three months by the qualified Ba Isago staff.

“We are talking about youngsters who can’t afford the exorbitant fees charged for secretarial services,” he said.

“They will be taught how to prepare business plans for CEDA and other programmes accessible to aspiring young entrepreneurs. Ba Isago staff members will provide free secretarial services for this trainees and future business people,” said Kwambala.

The councillor further urged young people to register in large numbers as the programme is an ongoing thing which will take another 50 people or more in the future.

“After consultation with the Area Member of Parliament Buti Billy, we agreed that those in town can register at his office at Nswazi mall,” he said.