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Arrested at court

Arrested at court
ARRESTED: Godknows Magura

Love for a brother lAnds man in prison

In a cruel twist of fate, a man who went to court to represent his brother against debt collectors has ended up behind bars.

Godknows Magura was thrown into a police holding cell on Wednesday morning, to be later transported to prison custody shortly after his brother’s case against a deputy sheriff was dismissed by Broadhurst magistrate court.

The Deputy sheriff, D.J Moyo, turned the tables on Magura and handed him over to the police after the latter failed to produce his identity documents shortly after walking out of the courtroom.

Magura came to court and stood in for “his brother, Robson Mkonde,” a director in a company, which was suing Moyo, Glazing and Aluminum Masters (PTY) LTD for auctioning the company’s property.

His mission was to request the magistrate to postpone the case because his brother was sick and therefore could not appear in court on that same Wednesday.

In the case, which was eventually thrown out of court, Mkonde wanted the deputy sheriff to return to him, a van that was impounded and handed over to be auctioned in February this year.

Mokonde alleged that although Moyo had confiscated some of their property for auction sale, including the vehicle, he did not remit the money raised through the sale to the rightful creditors.

However since Mkonde failed to turn up in court to argue his case, the matter was dismissed and Moyo told the court that he suspected that the two brothers were illegal immigrants running an illegal operation.

“The company does not exist at all. Since it was registered it skipped filing annual returns for year 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. It has been trading without a licence and has not even been paying income Tax. This one (Magura) cannot even produce his immigration documents, no work permit or passport!” said Moyo in a statement that led to the arrest of Magura and his subsequent imprisonment.