WE SHALL NOT FORGET: Boko addressing protesters

Activists who were this morning arrested by the police in the widely publicised #IShallNotForget campaign have been released without a charge.

The activists were allegedly arrested for partaking in an unsanctioned march, following refusal by the police to grant them a permit this week.

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President, Duma Boko, who intervened in the matter said police were misinterpreting the Public Order Act and told protesters to go ahead with the march. “I’m prepared to go to court to challenge the police because denying protesters a permit to march is against the law.”

Following the release of the activists, Police Public Relations officer, Witness Bosija, said the activists were not arrested. “We were just giving them advice that they are supposed to be permitted for the protests to take place,” said Bosija.

He said that the application came as a short notice and that police did not have sufficient time to deploy their resources. “Before authorizing a permit for the walk, the police should have necessary resources to ensure the safety of protesters,” he said

He added that possible charges could also be laid against anyone who chooses to protest without permission.

Boko said he was prepared to support activists who rally against sexual abuse of minors and would challenge the law if he had to.

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