An MP possessed
BRUTAL: Majaga

*MP Majaga kidnaps and tortures love rival * Estranged-wife reports him for child maintenance

Abusive, scandalous and violent are some of the terms two of his victims have used to describe Member of Parliament for Nata-Gweta, Polson Majaga.

Majaga’s traumatised victims, Moiseraela Ntwakgolo, (26) from Dukwi village and Majaga’s estrangedwife, Bontlebotsile Tshiamo, 27, used the above descriptions on the controversial legislator after he nearly killed Ntwakogolo (20) in a jealous rage last weekend.

Walking with a heavy limp, Ntwakgolo who has since laid a threat to kill charge against Majaga spoke of the legislator’s savage attack on him at NDB Bar in Dukwi on Saturday evening.

“I was with Bontle and two others when a furious Majaga stopped his car and headed straight for us,” said Ntwakgolo.

The raging MP then grabbed the young man by the arm and slapped him hard across the face, before dragging him into the dark where he continued to rain blows on him.

“He was fuming and kept saying ‘ke ta go phatola mpa ka dihala’ (I’ll blow your guts out),” said Ntwakgolo who denied dating the MP’s wife.

He said what followed after that was his worst nightmare.

Majaga shoved him into the car in full view of onlookers pleading with him to have mercy on the young man and drove into the bush where he tied him to a tree and assaulted him until he made up a story that he knew the man sleeping with Bontle, just to save his skin.

” He stopped beating me and demanded to be shown that man. But we drove around in circles until he realised I was lying. At this point he drove to Bontle’s place. ”

An MP possessed
VICTIM: Ntwakgolo

“I want you to see the four kids I have with the woman you are f*c#%’he kept saying,” alleged Ntwakgolo

When they arrived at the wife’s place, there was a plain-clothes police officer, Bontle and some family members. Ntwakgolo bolted out and ran for his life the moment the MP’s car came to a stop.

Ntwakgololo’s angry mother, Sempotse Ntwaetsang said what Majaga did to his son was barbaric and not befitting of a member of parliament.

“Why didn’t he talk to us about his suspicions. He knows my son’s father and I don’t know why he behaved like a savage,” she said

Meanwhile the woman at the centre of the dispute and the mother to Majaga’s four children was also kicked around on the knees until he walked with difficulty.

“He has always been abusive. A week after our separation a new woman had moved into his house,” said the 27- year old woman who claims Majaga lured her into his house as a 16 –year- old orphan.

“I have reported him for child maintenance of the four kids. He doesn’t want me yet he gets mad when he sees me in the company of other men. He’ll pay child support through the courts,” she said.

An MP possessed

Reached for a comment Majaga asked to be contacted after 20 minutes.

His phone then rang unanswered and he did not respond to text messages sent to him.His mobile phones then went off.

Dukwi Police Station Commander, Superintendent Goitsemang Mokgatle confirmed to The Voice that they were investigating “a matter involving the MP,” but could not be drawn into divulging details.

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