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An All Too Typical…


Fight Crime Gaborone

The Mberengo’s are a sweet, hard-working family – both parents are special needs teachers.  One night in late November of last year, they and their 3 daughters were attacked in their home in Maru A Pula neighborhood of Gaborone.
“I just woke up. Found four men surrounding the bed – equipped with iron bars, knives, hammers. When I saw them I screamed and one of them started hitting me with an iron bar.” said Mrs. Mberengo, “They attacked my husband also – one guy had a knife over him, as if he was about to stab him.”

The thieves began beating them on the legs – shouting, “Where is the money? Where are the cell phones? Where is the laptop?” The thieves took the cellphones and went through Mrs. Mberengo’s purse, taking cash and bankcards. One of the thieves went into the children bedroom, took their cellphones and brought back the eldest girl (age 21).

The men made the daughter sit next to the bed, then knocked her in the head with a screwdriver, threatened her while asking for the pin numbers of the bank cards. The girl responded that she had never been sent to the bank and did not know the codes and they continued beating her until Mrs. Mberengo “Told them a number that popped into my head.”
The men were discussing taking Mr. Mberengo and forcing him to withdraw money when, “The alarm on my phone rang and they saw the time was half past 4 – so they panicked.” Mrs. Mberengo recalled. Moments later the thieves left.

The attack left both Mr. and Mrs. Mberengo with badly injured legs – it was months before they could walk normally again. Mrs. Mberengo also had a gash in her head that require seven stitches and a broken finger. The eldest daughters injures were mild – the two younger girls’ scars are only emotional.
(Lucky – considering police later told them that the following night the same gang attacked a family in Partial. Stabbing both parents and two small girls.)
“The police did nothing, absolutely nothing.” Mrs. Mberengo said. “We had to go to the police ourselves to make a report. When we went to BBS we were told us we went to the wrong police station and were told to go and make a report at Central Police.”
Just another typical night in Gaborone. How long will this be allowed to go on?

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