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FREE FOR NOW: Kgosi Kgafela

Kgosi Kgafela II and brother escape jail after begging for forgiveness
Bakgatla Royals, Kgosi Kgafela II and his brother Morena Mmusi Kgafela handed themselves in at the Southern Regional Magistrate late Wednesday afternoon to avoid being jailed.
Senior magistrate Lot Moroka had on Tuesday reissued a warrant of arrest against the royals for failing to honour a court hearing on Monday.
The royals are reported to have “sincerely” apologized for not attending court saying they thought they had been excused from court, a thing that had been earlier on been raised by their lawyer Advocate Sidney Pilane.
Pilane had pleaded with the court to forgive the two on the grounds that deliberations between the prosecution and the defence team might have misled them into thinking that they were excused from showing up in court.
The Bakgatla royals are now due to appear for mention on Monday.
The two were due to be arrested as soon as they arrived in the country following a warrant of arrest that was issued by Magistrate Lot Moroka after the duo who are accused with 13 other Bakgatla tribesmen failed to turn up in court on Monday.
In issuing the arrest Moroka made it clear that the law has no regard for anyone’s position. High profile or nonentities all were equal in court.
He even reminded Pilane who was referring to them as “Kgosi Kgafela” and “Morena Mmusi” that the two were royals to him (Pilane) and not himself as to him they were just the accused.
The two royals and 13 members of the Bakgatla regiments are in court facing five charges of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.
Since the news of illegal floggings erupted in Kgatleng in December, the media has been overwhelmed by what the complainants termed as abuse of human rights in the area.


  1. I was home recently and I have to say that from what I heard, there has been a lot of good that came out of what this man has done but there are some things done by the people he has appointed that are clearly wrong even in the eyes of some ardent traditionalists! Apparently it is the failure of Kgosi Kgafela to be firm with and take serious stance against those he has appointed to work with him that has landed him in trouble with the law, some of these people very close to him! Many people, traditionalists and otherwise, believe that if he closely monitors what these people do on his behalf, Kgatleng will become the model of success both in terms of law and order, respect for each other, safety for all inluding homes and businesses, spirit of good work ethic and shedding of the pathetic attitude of feeling entitled that plagues many of our people! As he is still young, he needs a lot of good guidance for him to achieve great things but he needs to chooce well those that advise him and take allgations of wrong doing by those he has appointed, even close to him, even if those that have been wronged have not reported matters to him! Many people will never report the abuse they have suffered to him ( or traditional leaders in general) nor criticise some of his appointtees actions openly for so many reasons! Kgosi Kgafela needs to investigate every alegation including hearsay as they are likely to be true from what I have heard in Kgatleng! Many voices I have heard say that perhaps the one person he should turn and pay close attention to for advice is the current president of customary court of appeal that many secret voices of complaint think is the source of sound judgment on many issues!

    Good luck Kgatleng for I still feel mistakes can be corrected and you will turn out just fine! This court apearance could be a blessing in disguise for you Kgatleng! However, you can’t go back to the way things were before he took this tough stance! Kgatleng is brilliant at the moment, a truly safe and orderly place! Not perfect by any means but arguably the safest place in Botswana at this point in time!

  2. Tsheko e tlo fela kgabo. Kgatleng o tokafetse thata.Ga ke sa boifa sepe ga ke le ko gae.o kile wa re namola.

  3. i mean kgafela this is not hollywood whre u can do what you like.Kgabo you have a good mission of turning mochudi into a safe place but you have to abide by the law.You can not just beat people in the name of order.if you did not quickly attacked the warrant by now you will be in prison,which will be a shame.Collaborate with the law otherwise you going to make yourself a laughing stock while people you are trieng to please are home enjoying.You should take responsibility of your mophato,you are the sender and if it backfires you will be jumping boarders to attack warrants,i min come on.

  4. Mpa e re thusitse
    Batho ne ba kopa mero mo masong a batho ba nole bojalwa ka makgakga, ba roga batho ba re ke sekgatla, ba besa dinama ko medirong mo ga o kgalema o go botsa gore ke ya bokae a duele, go sena maitseo, bana ba bua puo tse di maswe ka bagolo.Ga o sa bona kana wa utlwa o kare ke letshwenyo. Botswana constitution acomodates NGWAO! Kgosi o tshwannwa ke go nna le puso constitutionally.Matswa tseleng aa betswe.BATHO BA MNATE KO MODIPANE KE A RATA LE WENA O SAFE GA OLE MO GAE.BOJALWA KE MAITSEBOA.

  5. ga se mo states mo batho ga ba tshwanna go roga batsadi ba bone ba tlhoka botho le mo masong.ga go itirelelwe ko mochudi go fedile.ha mophato o sa dire sentle oa o lebisiwe phoso ya bone.but nna mokgatla, ke fela kere ge o tswa mo tseleng kgwatha.thats it gore morafe ofe kana mang a reng it doesnt matter.

  6. Phoso e dirwa ke motho e boe e baakanngwe ke motho. Ba fositse bana ba ga mma mme tlhe a ene modiga ba iponye diphoso.

  7. There is only 1 constitution in dis country which should be adhered to by all irrespectiv of which tribe you lead.Kgosi must rule his subjects with respect, dignity and have a clear vision of how he intends to lead his people.kgatleng is part of botswana under the presidency of Lt Gen khama, and let the judiciary deal with any criminal elements as they are bound to do so.Kgaela should face the music and i think it shall be a lesson to other dikgosi that they are not greater than the law of this land.

  8. mo gongwe ke bothodi hela, e le gore ene ke mang yo a ithayang a re o ka itirela mo lefatsheng la rona…lolz o tshwentse thata monna yo o kare o ka swela ko zanti

  9. wat evr th outcms of di case may b, Kgafela wil alwys b one of our liberators as Batswana, our culture & customs. our country will be one of a kind if all Dikgosi exercised their rights and responsibilities. di fact dat poli-tricksters managed 2 downpress our earth rightful leaders as appointed by the almighty as in frm th ancient of days dsnt mean dat we will all be trickd in2 their (politrick-sters) manipulation and injustices. 2 bad we lost Seepapitso early coz I ws hoping mayb with Kgafela on the scene, 2gether they could restore our country & cultur’s pride. as a Ngwato, I so much wish Rre Khama could be settld ko Serowe mo kgoteng with his spirit & agenda rathr than ko palamenteng coz it aint health 4 a nation, but 4 a tribe, yes it is

  10. A jaanong go batla mochudi a tsenngwa fence, and evry one wil enter at own risk. Mathata batho ba tla tsaba go ya manyalo le dintsho ko teng ba tshaba sekwete.

  11. Kgosi ke kgosi ka morafe wa gagwe n if he goes around violiting his people’s rights then serious actions must be called for against this man!!!!!!!.Kgatleng ke legae la setswana fela jaaka e mengwe so morena Kgafela pliz respect your people pliz!!!!!!!.

  12. If rily kgafela want to change kgatleng to a safe place o ka bo a betsa batho ha ba dira diphoso? le ene he shud be walloped ha a sa atend hearing ya court? HE SHUD RILY NT THINK ENE GA A NA DIPHOSO

  13. le a swabbisa go utlwa le bua ka kgosi jalo bana ke lona le gale ga ke solofele sepe mo go lona ka le bana fela ba maabane, re le itse le ntse jalo kana, ga go thona mogo lona gale na maitseo ebile ke lona le batlang go kgwathisiwa ka gore ga le itse thupa, mme se tlacha sekwete sooner or later because re batla go boelwa ko stone age le tle le bake.

    magano a a lona ga a ke a tswa sepe se se siameng kana ke gone gore le batla go leswa fela le nwa majalwa mo masigo go robetswe, le lesiwe le tsamaya le tsotse leipentile dithathoo mo maragong, ao a ko le itshware gofa re bua ka kgosi tlhe bo nnaka, e a tlotlwa, gale itse gore le ko england go na le dikgosi engwe e ne e tsile last week, fa a ka badisiwa dikgang tse tsa lona ga a kake a tlhola a tla botswana, mind you this paper is read internationally by all nationaliites and setswana ga se puo e e thata a lot ba e itse.

    i hope this will trigger change in your comments otherwise ke tla le gatela dikgatho ka mong wame.

  14. @mokgatla proper…ware go boela ko stone age , you are dreaming, you don’t impose your values mo sechabeng fela ka gore oithaya ore o itse botoka,ba lekile bo Hitler le bo Idi Amin le one Maburu tota ba paletswe, go kgokgontsha ga goke go felela gope, instead bakgokgontshi ba felela ba sule or reba gogagoga mo di-court jaaka ene kgafela yoo wa lona yoo….Gatwe mong wame…hahahah..are you a slave?

  15. ke sedibelo mollo se a fshwa se a tshologa.morula o kgothi kgolo bakgatla. bana ba sefatana sa motse mogolo wa moruleng.barwa mpshwa e jele mpshwana yona.rona kana re bakgatla ba kgafela, re rata ngwao ebile re sampene re tlo e huparela to come.ge o itha phoso ra go kgalemela ka molomo.ge o boella ra go karapa mo mokokotlong gore tlhogo yaago e bereke pila.bo moroka ke mpshwa di bogola poo. SEDIBELO