Former Molefhi Secondary school students unite to help former classmate

Some of them have not seen her in 25 years, but that has not stopped former Molefhi secondary school students from recognizing their former class mate when she appeared on the Voice Real life page recently.
The former students who are now professionals in different fields have come together to extend a helping hand to Matshediso Medupe, a 44-year old Lecturer who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008.
The Molefhi secondary school alumni read her plight and have been mobilizing others to come together and assist her.

“We went to school with her and we went our separate ways to pursue tertiary education. But when we saw her story in the paper we were touched and we decided we needed to give her financial and emotional support. She needs us and we need each other. We want to be a family” explained one of the friends, Natsho Koketso-Tau.

After medical doctors told her that her condition is incurable, Medupe applied for the invitation to visit the famous Nigerian Prophet, T.B Joshua. Three weeks on she is still waiting for the invitation and she is afraid her condition is not getting any better.

“I am hoping against hope that they will invite me so that I can receive my healing. I applied online and they had promised to respond within two weeks. I had asked one of the agents who help people with the bookings, but he told me that since I am using a wheelchair and I cannot move much, my application may be rejected,” Medupe told The Voice this week.

However her Christian friends have started prayers for her and that she said, has been giving her hope.

“Prayer can defeat the devil and that is what we intend to do. We know that her wish is to visit T.B Joshua and we want to raise money for her so that she goes there, but if she is not invited we would continue to pray for her,” statedTau.

Medupe became ill in late 2006 with weakening of muscles and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2009. Her legs and fingers have already lost their function due to impaired nerves, which is one of the major symptoms of MS, but the resilient woman still has hope that if she could only travel to the west African country for divine intervention she too, like many that claim to have been healed would get help.

Tau mobilised former students to contact her at 72109929 or Onica Letshwenyo-Ramocha 72166392 or  Motshidise  Ntshabele-Mandau 73450461.


  1. Distance is not a barrier u can stil get ur healing through Emmanuel TV dear….God bless u n heal u in Jesus’ name