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Accused poisoner bailed

Accused poisoner bailed
ON BAIL: Makhwa

A former Moeding College boarding master, who was reportedly fired for engaging in wild sexual rendezvous with female students, is in trouble again.

38-year-old Thabo Makhwa appeared before Molepolole Magistrates Court this week accused of murdering a friend.

Makhwa, who was granted bail, is said to have poisoned Kagiso Itheeng’s beer on the 6th of March in Thamaga – an action that is believed to have caused Itheeng’s death.

He was arrested in connection with the death 11 days later, on the 17th of March.

Pleading for his client’s bail, the accused’s attorney, Gabaikanngwe Kebalepile argued that the case had been registered without the relevant facts and information.

The attorney was unimpressed with presiding Magistrate Rosemary Khuto’s explanation that Makhwa had been remanded for his own protection, due to volatile feelings within the community regarding the incident.

Kebalepile would not be pacified and fired back, “A person’s liberty cannot be curtained by public interest. It is his first accusation and he has never been to prison. He should not be incarcerated because people have certain perceptions. He has his own home and a bar, the people who have allegations against him are his age mates. This man is unfairly incarcerated – it’s a matter of jealousy.”

During his testimony, Makhwa told court that a hung-over Itheeng visited him at his home on the 6th of March and requested money to buy beer to ease his headache.

According to the accused, the two went to Makhwa’s bar, Night Star, where he gave his friend a 440ml can of Black Label. Later in the night he admits to giving Itheeng another beer.

“Upon locking the bar I found Itheeng shivering and sweating. I took him to Thamaga Primary hospital and explained his problem to hospital personnel, as he could not speak. I was told it was signs of alcohol withdrawal. Later on I went to the deceased’s home to inform them about the illness but found no one. At around 4 pm I received a phone call from a security lady named Puni informing me that Itheeng was late,” testified Makhwa, who complained about unhealthy conditions in prison, including inmates smoking.

In his plea, Makhwa said he had a business to run, which his family were dependent on for their survival. He also claimed he was responsible for transporting his youngest child to and from school.

Makhwa was eventually granted conditional bail, including a P2, 000 bond, the provision of two Batswana sureties worth P2, 000 each and that he report to Thamaga Police Station every fortnight.

The case continues on June 6.